January 09, 2007

{Apple's iPhone}


Read all about (and view tons of pics of) the unveiling of Apple's forthcoming iPhone from Engadget.

Also take a first look at Apple TV here.

December 06, 2006

{James Kim Memoriam Video}


The story of James Kim's death really tugs at my heart. For some strange reason I can't help but see something of myself (or my own family) in his.

Great things happened for James Kim, he was a senior editor at CNET, an avid tech geek, a music lover, and co-owner (with his lovely wife) of an apocatherapy shop, and a clothing store in San Francisco called Doe (See photos). He seemed like a fun guy to be around and a great family man...the kind of man most would wish to be.

Watch the James Kim Memoriam video.

June 22, 2006

{iPod Gramophone}


(From Boing Boing) Here's a little something for all you indie-yups out's a record player, iPod dock, CD player and wine-rack with a gramophone horn? I was thinking, instead of wine rack, why not put someplace to store your records, but I guess hipsters couldn't play tunes without a little bubbly. No pricing yet. Does this look ridiculous or is it just me?

April 07, 2006

{MacBook Pro}


I know this isn't the norm for CH but I just had to rave about my new machine! Having used it to a point of obsession for about a week, there are no obvious flaws to the machine that I could find save for an occasional whine/grinding noise and the heat issues. Possibly my favorite element is the built-in iSight camera and Photobooth software which comes with some really neat effects such as Comic Book! Sigh...It truly is love at first sight.

MacBook Pro

Intel Mac ad

March 15, 2006

{Origami Project}


Sorry all you Mac users, the next revolution in computers doesn't involve you....yet. As of now the hand held computer is all PC. Last week Microsoft unveiled the Origami Project, an "ultra-mobile" PC (UMPC) that is light weight and capable of doing almost everything you think it can't. There are 2 units that will be available to the US (Samsung's Q1 and Asus R2H) and both units will feature Wi-Fi, bluetooth, and GPS support. These first reports indicate with the a weight of about 2 pounds these first gen handheld will be able to pack 900 MHz, 512 MB of Memory and a 40 gig hard drive with a 7" screen. With those specs, any eye candy games wouldn't run, but I'm sure you would be too busy blogging, chatting, downloading, and besides what's better than Minesweeper? In any case you'll be able to play Minesweeper and do most any normal computer functions on this baby and it will run for about $1000. It's cool, It's small, but is even smaller better? We will see what new features are added by the time it is released in a year or perhaps my nerd fantasy might come true and Microsoft will let me test and review one. Until then...

January 18, 2006

{Buddha Machine}


A day late and A doller short I know, but you really should have asked for one of these for christmas. The buddha machine a "mini soundsystem" (ipodish in size) that comes with 9 built in ambient sound loops. The loops are 10-20 seconds long and you can run 1 at a time...some people buy more than 1 and run them both at the same time. Think of it as the perfect background noise in your pocket at all times. The original idea was stolen from melodies that helped prayer, but a company called fm3 used that idea to make something practical, simple, and portable. The loops have benn described as dark and melodic electronic drones...listen for yourself here. Order here.

December 03, 2005

{The I-Pod Mixer}

numark_idj_ipod_mixer.jpg Just in time for the holidays........ The I-Pod mixer made it's debut last week. The new device is a virtual wet dream to all wanna be dj's as well as all urban outfitters customers (you can order the mixer through their online catalog. This is sure to make you popular with techie groupies everywhere. Do I hear a depeche Mode and Enya mash-up???? Whooooo!!!!!!! Purchase here.