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{Olá Portugal}


I made a few mixes of artists from the countries I will be visiting while on vacation and I thought I'd share! I tried to keep 'em around the 30min mark, but I ran a little over so give 'em a few minutes to load.

(Fun fact: Manu Chao is the only artist I know that can sing in all three languages, so I conveniently put him at the number eight spot on each mix)

Here's the tracklisting:
1. Sara Tavares - "Balance" (GMLAB Remix)
2. Buraka Som Sistema - "Yah!"
3. Megafone - "Acordai"
4. Da Weasel - "Dialectos da Ternura"
5. Ornatos Violeta - "Capitao Romance"
6. Setima Legiao - "Aguarela"
7. Sativa - "54 56"
8. Manu Chao - "Minnha Galera"
9. Boss AC - "Baza Baza"
10. Rui De Silva - "On My Mind"

Have a listen...

"Olá Portugal"

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