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September 30, 2010

{Back Shortly}

Relocated headquarters. Be back up and running next week, sorry for the delay!

September 16, 2010

{Com Truise}

Com Truise.jpg

Com Truise's Seth Healy recently posted a nice mix.

Here's the tracklist:
John Cameron: “Famous Last Chords”
Theawayteam: “Drift 1”
Com Truise: “She Melts”
Com Truise: “VHS Sex”
Loden: “My Face Came Off”
FUR: “Polybreak”
Airliner: “Dienyddio”
Games: “Everything Is Working”
Kona Triangle: “Airlock”
Neon Indian: “Deadbeat Summer (Toro Y Moi Remix)”
Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five: “The Message”
The Samps: “YellowJacket”
Bernard Fèvre: “Ronde Interstellaire”
White Car: “The Bridge”
New Order: “Thieves Like Us”
Games: “MIDI Drift”
VHS Head: “Growler Spit U Out”
FUZZ: “Contact”
Network: “I Need You”
VHS Head: “Sunset Everett”
Gatekeeper: “Forgotten”

Have a listen to the mix right here

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{Gold Panda}

Gold Panda_Lucky Shiner.jpg

U.K. producer Gold Panda is streaming his upbeat minimal electronic debut album Lucky Shiner.

Have a listen...

Purchase the album right here

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September 15, 2010

{Abe Vigoda}


I got a link to stream LA four-piece Abe Vigoda’s new minimal-wave album Crush.

Have a listen...

Abe Vigoda - Crush by Bella Union

Purchase the album right here

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September 13, 2010

{Doug Paisley}


I got this new track from Toronto’s Doug Paisley (with the very lovely Feist on backing vocals). “What I Saw” is taken from Doug’s new album Constant Companion, to be released on Brooklyn indie No Quarter Records on October 12th.

Have a listen...

03 What I Saw by Press Here Bang On + DJ Q - "What I Saw"

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{Bang On}


Liverpool bred Bang On was recently invited by Toddla T to record a freestyle for the Chart Attack section of his Radio One show.

Have a listen...

Bang On + DJ Q - "Toddla T Freestyle"

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{Crash Avenue Comp Series}


This is the third installment of the Crash Ave Comp Series. This installment titled Brooklyn Freegan boasts a Bonnie 'Prince' Billy duet with Cheyenne Marie Mize (originally a vinyl only release from Karate Body Records), an exclusive track from Indy do-badders We Are Hex, Chico Fellini's Peaches cover, indie rock upstarts The Vacant Lots, and more.

Stream the compilation right here

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September 09, 2010

{The Tallest Man on Earth}


I just got my grubby paws on The Tallest Man on Earth's latest EP titled Sometimes The Blues is Just a Passing Bird. All pre-electric Dylan-esque goodness, but I'm particularly fond of the first track "Little River".

Have a listen...

"Like The Wheel" (alternate version)

Also hear "Little River" courtesy of Draw Us Lines

Order the EP right here

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I been listening to Atmosphere's three new EP's To All My Friends, Blood Makes The Blade Holy. Some of the tales on the EP's are a little more serious than previous efforts, but on tracks like "The Best Day" or "To All My Friends" they are in that classic laid-back working man blues vibe.

Have a listen...

"To All My Friends"


Order all three EP's right here

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{El Guincho}


I’ve been digging El Guincho's (aka Pablo Díaz-Reixa) forthcoming album Pop Negro (out September 14th via Young Turks). His Spanish sung pop songs are filtered through waves of tropicalia, Latin, and electronic sounds. You can stream the album below!

Have a listen...

YT047 - El Guincho - Pop Negro by Young Turks

Pre-order the album right here

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September 08, 2010



A new website appeared (tronsoundtrack.com) and it's been confirmed that it was created by Disney for the Tron Legacy soundtrack by Daft Punk.

There's not much on the site yet, but the Tron Sector says more "will soon be appearing." View the source code on the site closely and you might just see something cool.

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{Fistful of Mercy}


Fistful of Mercy is the supergroup of Joseph Arthur, Ben Harper and Dhani Harrison. The trio made their debut on KCRW and announced that their debut album, As I Call You Down, will be out on Oct 5th on Harrison's Hot Records. The first single is (coincidentally called) "Fistful of Mercy".

Have a listen...

"Fistful of Mercy"

watch the video for "Fistful of Mercy"...

Fistful of Mercy from Fistful of Mercy on Vimeo.

Pre-order the album right here

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{Josh Ritter}


I got this free mp3 download of new, exclusive and never-heard-before recording from Josh Ritter!

To kick off the tour of Europe, Josh is giving away this duet Dawn Landes. The song "500 Miles" - a cover of the famous folk song written by Hedy West was recorded at Dawn's studio in Brookyln, NY with the help of Josh Kaufman (of The Hounds).

Have a listen below (for the price of an email)...

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I got this RuN RiOT remix of rock/punk, electro/hip hop act Subsource.

Have a listen...

'Street Soul Music' (RuN RiOT Remix)

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{Dirty Projectors}


Dirty Projectors (who are hitting the road with Owen Pallett) are also celebrating by giving you a sneak peak of their forthcoming Expanded Edition of Bitte Orca (out September 28th), featuring previously unreleased live material and b sides.

Have a listen...

"Temecula Sunrise (Live at Other Music)"

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{Owen Pallett}


It's Owen Pallett's birthday today, and his gift to his fans is a free download of a track off his forthcoming EP A Swedish Love Story (out September 28th).

Have a listen...

"A Man with No Ankles"

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New York/Montreal-based electro-funk favorites Chromeo's forthcoming album Business Casual (out Sept. 14th) is now streaming over on NPR!

Listen to the album in it's entirety here

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Nowonder’s first dance single "Manic" might appeal to fans of French dance duo Justice or Brooklyn electro favorites Ratatat.

Have a listen...

<a href="http://nowonder.bandcamp.com/track/manic">Manic by Nowonder</a>

{The Butcher, The Chef and The Swordsman}


Screening next month at the Toronto Film Festival is the Mandarin language film from Wu Ershan titled The Butcher, The Chef and The Swordsman (Doug Liman has come aboard as presenter).

The Butcher, The Chef and The Swordsman is a highly stylized action-comedy about revenge and greed, following a group of misfits who get involved with a mystical kitchen cleaver made from the five greatest swords of the martial arts world.

No official release date yet, but we'll keep you posted.

View the trailer right here

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I know we're all sick of vampires by now, but this rock and roll-vampire-comedy looks like it could become an instant cult classic. The films features appearances by Alice Cooper, Henry Rollins, Moby, and Iggy Pop.

Look for Suck in select theaters September 2nd.

View the trailer here or right here...

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