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{Tarantino's Top 8 Films of '09}


The Hollywood Reporter asked Tarantino what his favorite films of 2009 are and he gave them a list of 8 films that are his picks "so far". As he explains in the video (which you can watch below), he hasn't seen Avatar, The Lovely Bones, or Invictus yet, so they're not included. And he also needs to watch Bright Star and District 9 again, because he thinks they may move back up on the list once he does so.

Tarantino's Top 8 Films of 2009:
1. Star Trek
2. Drag Me to Hell
3. Funny People
4. Up in the Air
5. Chocolate
6. Observe & Report
7. Precious
8. An Education

While I enjoyed the autistic-girl-turned-martial-arts-expert flick Chocolate and the campy horror of Drag Me To Hell, I am fairly certain neither would make my picks. Personally, I failed to even sit through Star Trek, but Precious would probably be on my list. Hmmm...time to think of my picks.

Watch the video of Tarantino's Picks...

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