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{Tom Russell/Calexico}


First off, I wanna redirect you towards this incredible essay by Tom Russell on the El Paso, TX/Juarez, Mexico border, the culture, the drug wars, his own travels, and what drew him to move there!

(Heads up, it's fascinating but in-depth and it runs about 8-9 pages.) The Rumpus is a cool site that's attracted some serious literary talent; Rick Moody has a regular column there.

Tom's piece is accompanied by his own paintings and it's riveting. It chronicles his own travels in that region, the bar where the margarita was inventing, the history of colonialism out there, and the current bloody struggles taking place. His writing style is interesting too; he's clearly read his share of Graham Greene, Kerouac, and Bukowski. (He's also writing a book of his correspondence w/ Bukowski.)

Also, Tom's new album Blood and Candle Smoke, recorded w/ members of Calexico, is out now.

Read Where God and the Devil Wheel Like Vultures: Report from El Paso Right Here

Stream Tom's new album Blood and Candle Smoke, recorded w/ members of Calexico Here

Order the album (and get tour dates) Right Here

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