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July 29, 2009

{Toro y Moi}


I know Toro y Moi has made it around the music blogs already, but this is for those of us that let this gem get lost in the shuffle!

Toro y Moi is the side project of Chaz Bundick, the front man for Columbia, SC-based band The Heist and the Accomplice. His music is a kaleidoscopic of folk, rock, and dance, and shares a fondness for off-kilter melodies (a la Animal Collective or Devendra Banhart). The "Blessa" 7-inch is out on Carpark Records Oct. 7th. Look out for Toro y Moi's full-lengths sometime next year.

Have a listen...

"Causers Of This"


Also stream "Blessa"

Also stream "Woodlands"

Stream Untitled Track

Stream another Untitled Track

Stream yet another Untitled Track

Hear more from Toro y Moi's MySpace

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{That Summertime Sound}


It’s the summer after his freshman year of college, and the 19-year-old narrator of Matthew Specktor’s That Summertime Sound has two options: return home to Los Angeles, to a city and a family that hardly notice him; or journey to the heart of America—Columbus, Ohio—for a summer of unexpected and life-defining experiences.

Set against the Columbus music scene of the 1980s, Specktor’s lead character treks to Ohio in search of his favorite band, Lords of Oblivion. Headed by eccentric frontman Nic Devine, Lords of Oblivion are the antithesis of the popular New Wave sound of the decade. The narrator quickly adapts to life in Columbus, dressing in the local thrift store fashions, finding an on-again off-again girlfriend, going out, sleeping late, and above all, seeing live music. Eventually, he meets and befriends Nic Devine, cementing a friendship that will define the summer.

That Summertime Sound reads like a music encyclopedia with constant references to seminal bands like The Feelies, Hüsker Du, Pere Ubu, and Uriah Heap. Specktor’s cinematic prose is so visual that the music and characters become a reality.

To accompany the release of the novel, the official site features audio recordings of readings done by: Jeremy Irons, James Franco, Morgan Freeman, Gwyneth Paltrow, and J Mascis of Dinosaur Jr.

Have a listen...

Jeremy Irons - "The Devil in It Somewhere"

Morgan Freeman reads - "This is Never Going to End"

James Franco reads - "Columbus Columbus Columbus"

Read excerpts from That Summertime Sound Site

Purchase That Summertime Sound Right Here

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July 28, 2009

{Basement Jaxx}


Basement Jaxx forthcoming album Scars will release October via XL Records. The album features a healthy dose of cameos, including: Yoko Ono, Santigold, and Lightspeed Champion. Here's some links to some new tunes!

Have a listen to "Distraktionz" and "She's No Good" courtesy of LA Friendly and "Saga" (ft. Santigold) courtesy of Super 45

Hear more from Basement Jaxx's MySpace

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{The Mountain Goats}


Today The Mountain Goats announced their forthcoming album titled The Life Of The World To Come, will be released on Oct. 6th on 4AD. They are offering the first single “Genesis 3:23″.

Here's the bible-heavy tracklisting...
1. 1 Samuel 15:23
2. Psalms 40:2
3. Genesis 3:23
4. Philippians 3:20-21
5. Hebrews 11:40
6. Genesis 30:3
7. Romans 10:9 8. 1 John 4:16
9. Matthew 25:21
10. Deuteronomy 2:10
11. Isaiah 45:23
12. Ezekiel 7 and the Permanent Efficacy of Grace

Have a listen...

"Genesis 3 23"

Here's some classic Mountain Goats (absolutely essential if you haven't already picked up the Tallahassee album)...

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{True Blood}


I did not get a chance to participate in the True Blood festivities while at Comic Con over the weekend, however last Saturday HBO did premiere an exclusive advanced trailer that introduced new characters (including a first look at Evan Rachel Wood as Queen Sophie-Ann) and a preview the remainder of the explosive season, which has now been posted online!

So if you want to see a sneak peek at what’s in store for the rest of True Blood Season 2, then click away!

Watch the True Blood Comic Con Exclusive Right Here

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{Fatcat Records}


First of all, here's a link to a Twilight Sad/Frightened Rabbit post from a few weeks back, complete with mp3's and tour dates... Right Here

Also here's a link to a We Were Promised Jetpacks post, also with mp3's and video... Right Here

Now then, here's a zip file Fatcat Records recently sent over featuring a track from each of their Scottish indie rock bands that are currently hitting the road together...so go and see them (click on the first link above to see tour dates)!

Here's the tracklisting:
1. Twilight Sad - "Reflection of the Television"
2. We Were Promised Jetpacks - "Ships With Holes Will Sink"
3. Brakesbrakesbrakes - "Crush On You"
4. Frightened Rabbit - "Old Old Fashioned"

Download the zip file Right Here

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July 27, 2009



Metric played Letterman for the first time, which aired July 17th. Now they've posted a glimpse into their experience!

Metric - "Help I'm Alive" on Letterman...

Behind The Scenes at The Late Show with David Letterman...

Here's a couple more...

Here's a tune from Metric's new album Fantasies and a new remix!

This is my fav tune off the album...

"Twilight Galaxy"

Here's The Twelves Remix of "Help, I'm Alive"...

"Help, I'm Alive (The Twelves Remix)"

Hear more from Metric's MySpace

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July 25, 2009

{Beach Fossils}


The Brooklyn-based one man act of Dustin Payseur (aka Beach Fossils) makes catchy lo-fi rock, complete with fuzzy guitars and distorted vocals making this some perfect summertime listening.

Have a listen...



Hear more from Beach Fossils MySpace

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Vancouver duo Japandroids has been getting alot of rave reviews lately...and their debut album Post-Nothing isn't even out yet.

Even Pitchfork gave them a favorable review...here's what they wrote... "What makes Post-Nothing such a thrill is the manner in which Japandroids hold absolutely nothing back. As contagious as any of the lyrics, melodies, riffs, or drum fills are, their energy and lack of self-consciousness is every bit as equally lovable."

Have a Listen...

"Young Hearts Spark Fire"

Watch Japandroids on Radio 3 Episode...

Pre-order Post-Nothing Right Here

Hear more (and get a look at the boatload of tour dates) from Japandroid's MySpace

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{Cold Souls}


I mentioned this Charlie Kaufman-esque written film awhile back, but now there is a viral site for the Soul Storage Company, which is featured in the film!

Apparently the Soul Storage Company gives you the ability to add your own soul to their database and explore details about the company as if it actually exists. They've even taken out real ads in New York's Village Voice newspaper. They also don't hide the fact that Paul Giamatti is a part of it, as he's featured at the bottom of the main page under the "What Our Clients Are Saying" section

About the film...

In this dark comedy Paul Giamatti (playing himself) decides to lighten his load by having his soul extracted and put on ice. When he decides a soul-less existence isn't for him a mishap leads to his essence being shipped to Russia, where he must track it down. Parts of this film remind me of Being John Malkovich and others of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Cold Souls also stars: Emily Watson, David Strathairn, Dina Korzun, and Lauren Ambrose. Look for it in limited release on August 7th.

View the Trailer Right Here

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{My Sister's Keeper}


In the mood for a real tearjerker? Then this one (directed by Nick Cassavetes) will be right up your alley.

My Sister's Keeper is the story of a family that is rocked by sudden, heartbreaking news that forces them to make a difficult and unorthodox choice in order to save their baby girl’s life. The parents’ desperate decision raises both ethical and moral questions and rips away at the foundation of their relationship. Their actions ultimately set off a court case that threatens to tear the family apart.

The film stars: Cameron Diaz, Abigail Breslin, Alec Baldwin, Sofia Vassilieva, Joan Cusack, and Jason Patric. Look for My Sister's Keeper in select theaters on June 26th.

View the Trailer Right Here

While we're on the subject, I'll go ahead and mention the soundtrack, which seems to be a nice quite mix of singer/songwriters. Here's the tracklistng...

1. “Feels Like Home” – Edwina Hayes
2. “Don’t Wanna Cry” – Pete Yorn
3. “Better” – Regina Spektor
4. “Life Is Beautiful” – Vega 4
5. “Carry You Home” – James Blunt
6. “We All Fall In Love Sometimes” – Jeff Buckley
7. “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” – Greg Laswell
8. “Find My Way Back Home” – Priscilla Ahn
9. “With You” – Jonah Johnson
10. “Life Is Just A Bowl Of Cherries” – E.G. Daily
11. “Heaven” – Jimmy Scott
12. "Hymn: Amazing Grace" – Pipe Major Jim Drury and Julia McGurk

Have a listen to this previously unreleased Jeff Buckley tune "We All Fall in Love Sometimes" (written by Elton John and Bernie Taupin) Right Here

Also here's Pete Yorn's video for "Don't Wanna Cry"...

Order the soundtrack Right Here

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{Shonen Knife}


Shonen Knife is the legendary all-female Japanese pop-punk band formed in Osaka, Japan. Heavily influenced by 1960s girl groups, pop bands, and early punk rock acts, such as The Beach Boys and The Ramones, the trio plays stripped-down songs with infectious melodies and simplistic, exuberant lyrics sung both in Japanese and English.

Shonen Knife have recorded sessions for John Peel, appeared on MTV's Beavis and Butthead, 120 minutes, the Conan O'Brian show and recorded "Buttercup (I'm a Supergirl)" for that for the hugely popular cartoon The Powerpuff Girls.

All the lyrics for Super Group are written in English. The first song "Super Group" is very punk pop (a la The Buzzcocks), while others like "Muddy Bubbles Hell" and "Pyramid Power" veer a little into Heavy Metal territory. The North American CD release of Super Group features exclusive cover artwork and the bonus track, "Evil Birds".

Have a listen...

"Super Group"

Watch the video for "It's a New Find"...

Pre-order Super Group Right Here

Hear more from Shonen Knife's MySpace

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{Dinosaur Jr}


Playboy.com's exclusive new video series Uncovered kicks off today with Dinosaura Jr.'s cover of The Cure's 'Just Like Heaven'.

The Uncovered series will feature new videos, exclusively created for Playboy.com, on the second Monday of each month for 10 consecutive months. Featured musicians include: Black Lips, A Camp, The Dears, Drive-By Truckers, Phosphorescent and more.

The complete lineup, which will be available August 1, will include the following exclusive covers:
A Camp (Nina Persson of The Cardigans) performing “Psycho” by Leon Payne
Murray Lightburn of The Dears performing “Doctor Blind” by Emily Haines of Metric
Dinosaur Jr. performing “Just Like Heaven” by The Cure
Patterson Hood of Drive-By Truckers performing “Range War” by Todd Rundgren

Watch Dinosaur Jr's cover of The Cure's "Just Like Heaven" Right Here

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{Gemma Ray}


Q Magazine described Gemma Ray like this..."Imagine Norah Jones on Amy Winehouse's drugs".

I was sent the track "100 MPH (In 2nd Gear)", which features hollow body guitars (played with a kitchen knife!), rolling cymbals, toy pianos, and a ghostly female voice. Gemma's album, 'Lights Out, Zoltar!' is due out in the U.S. this fall.

Have a Listen...

"100 MPH (In 2nd Gear)"

Pre-order Lights Out, Zoltar! Right Here

Hear more from Gemma Ray's MySpace

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{Felix da Housecat}


Chicago electro-house kingpin Felix da Housecat dropped his gushing ode to Prince, appropriately titled, 'We All Wanna Be Prince' on the heels of the 25th anniversary of Purple Rain.

Look for the track on Felix da Housecat's forthcoming album He Was King, which hits proverbial shelves on August 25th.

Have a Listen...

"We All Wanna Be Prince"

Pre-order He Was King Right Here

Hear more from Felix da Housecat's MySpace

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{Sunset Junction}

sfflyer09 (1).jpg

This years lineup for L.A.'s Sunset Junction (on August 22nd and 23rd) has been posted!

Performers include: Islands, The Submarines, The Delta Spirit, Conor Oberst & The Mystic Valley Band, Warpaint, Nico Vega, DJ Nobody, Very Be Careful, The Nortec Collective, Arrested Development, The Sonics, Built To Spill and more.

Checkout the complete performance schedule Right Here

Here's a little mix...

Bostich & Fussible - "Akai 47"

The Submarines - "1940" (AmpLive Remix)

Conor Oberst & The Mystic Valley Band - "Breezy"

Warpaint - "Billie Holiday"

Built To Spill - "Joyride"

The Delta Spirit - "Trashcan"

The Sonics - "Strychnine"

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New on DVD...

If you liked Quarantine then the Spanish original, which is more intense and much more graphic and is now available stateside on DVD is essential viewing!

Spanish horror specialists Jaume Balagueró (Darkness) and Paco Plaza (Second Name) join forces for this experimental frightener about a mysterious outbreak in an old tenement building.

View the Trailer Right Here...

Purchase {REC} Right Here

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{Foreign Born}


For the locales...

L.A.'s Foreign Born, who just released the album Person to Person on Secretly Canadian, will be playing a FREE show this thursday at the Hammer Museum in L.A. as part of their Also I Like To Rock free concert series!

Have a Listen to a couple of standouts off Person To Person...

"Early Warnings"

"Vacationing People"


Also on the program is Warpaint, which features Emily Kokal on vocals/guitar/keys, Teresa Wayman on guitar, background vocals and keys, Jennifer Lindberg (sister of Shannon Sossamon) on the bass guitar and David King drums. However when recording in studio, on the album and at occasional concerts they have Shannyn Sossamon playing the drums. Shannon Sossamon on drums (back before we had Zooey to crush on, we had Shannon Sossamon).

Have a listen to a couple of standouts from L.A.'s Warpaint, which are off their debut Exquisite Corpse EP...

"Billie Holiday"


Hear more from Foreign Born's MySpace

Hear more from Warpaint's MySpace

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{The Dodos}


San Francisco folk trio The Dodos forthcoming album (titled Time To Die) leaked onto the web last week, but rather pitching a fuss they have decided to move the release date from September 15th to July 28th.

The band has also launched a dedicated website where fans can listen to a high-quality version of the album, pre-order their physical copy now, and get a free download of Time to Die’s catchy first single “Fables”. You can also watch a video message from the band themselves, explaining the truly exciting part.

Locals be sure to mark your calender - The Dodos will be in L.A. at The Getty Museum as part of their Saturdays Off the 405 series, with a FREE outdoor performance on Aug 8th!

Have a listen to "Fables" courtesy of Under The Radar...


Hear more from The Dodos MySpace

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{David Mead}


Yes, I posted about this last week but I recently received another track and tour dates!

David Mead's forthcoming album Almost And Always (out August 4th).

Have a listen...

"Rainy Weather Friend"

"Blackberry Winters"

And as I previously featured, here's his excellent Michael Jackson cover...

David Mead - "Human Nature"

Hear more from David Mead's MySpace

David Mead Tour Dates:
9-03 Chicago, IL - Schuba's
9-04 Indianapolis, IN – Spin
9-05 Nashville, TN - The Basement
9-08 Vienna, VA - Jammin' Java
9-09 New York, NY - Rockwood Music Hall
9-10 Easton, MD - TBD
9-11 Newton Square, PA - Burlap N’ Bean
9-16 Columbia, SC – The White Mule
9-17 Decatur, GA - EDDIE’S ATTIC
9-18 Charlotte, NC - The Evening Muse
9-26 Adrian, MI - Flying Otter Vineyards
9-27 Saginaw, MI - White's Bar
9-28 Grand Rapids, MI - One Trick Pony

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July 09, 2009

{In The Loop}


War in the Middle East and comedy don’t usually go hand in hand, but writer-director Armando Iannucci manages to do so with In the Loop, a wickedly sharp satire about British politicians entangled in a U.S. campaign to promote a war.

The US President and UK Prime Minister fancy a war, but not everyone agrees that war is a good thing. When the mild-mannered minister inadvertently appears to back the war on prime-time television, he immediately attracts the attention and soon, the Brits are in Washington, where diplomatic relations collide and off-hand remark quickly spirals into an insurmountable mountain of conflict. . The film is fast-paced and almost unbearably witty. In The Loop stars Steve Coogan, David Rasche, Mimi Kennedy and James Gandolfini. Look for it in limited release July 24th.

View the Trailer Right Here

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{R. Crumb's Underground}


This one's for the locals...

Zapp Comics founder ans underground art pioneer R. Crumb will have an exhibit at the Grand Central Art Center in Santa Ana through Aug. 16th. Opening night is this saturday (July 11) and will showcase early works as well as vintage and recent collaborations.

The exhibit is FREE, visit The Grand Central site for more info.

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{The Rural Alberta Advantage}


The Rural Alberta Advantage's debut album Hometowns came out last year, but it has just been re-released on Saddle Creek!

Have a listen...

"Don't Haunt This Place" "Frank AB"

Hear more from The Rural Alberta Advantage's MySpace

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{The Twilight Sad}


The Twilight Sad is another Scottish indie rock band that have been getting alot of attention lately for their forthcoming sleeper single ‘I Became A Prostitute’ (due out Aug. 3rd), which will be followed by their sophomore album titled Forget The Night Ahead (to be released in the UK on Oct. 5th).

Have a Listen...

"Reflections of the Television"

Also hear Twight Sad cover The Smiths and Joy Division courtesy of Regnsky

Watch the video for ‘I Became A Prostitute’, which features a burlesque dancer in some lovely sepia-toned shots...

Hear more from The Twilight Sad's MySpace

And previously mentioned...


I know, you are sick of hearing me go on and on about Frightened Rabbit, but I promise I won't bring them up again for awhile!

What I love most about Frightened Rabbit is that they bring the most confrontational lyrics I've heard since The Mountain Goats. They've also gained comparisons (musically) to Idlewild, Counting Crows and Death Cab.

Frontman Scott Hutchison sings about how "You must be a masochist to love a modern leper on his last leg" on "Modern Leper" and how “You won't find love in a hole/ It takes more than fucking someone to keep yourself warm” on "Keep Yourself Warm". Both of these songs, as well as the two I'm posting below, are from their last album Midnight Organ Fight, do yourself a favor and pick it up.

Here's a couple of standouts...

"My Backwards Walk"

"Good Arms Vs Bad Arms"

Here's the video for "Heads Roll Off"...

Hear more from Frightened Rabbit's MySpace

Frightened Rabbit/The Twilight Sad/We Were Promised Jetpacks 2009 Tour Dates:

09/13 - Morrison, CO @ Monolith Festival
09/14 - Salt Lake City, UT @ Urban Lounge
09/15 - Boise, ID @ Neurolux
09/16 - Seattle, WA @ Neumo’s
09/17 - Portland, OR @ Musicfest NW
09/18 - San Francisco, CA @ The Independent
09/20 - Los Angeles, CA @ Knitting Factory
09/22 - Tucson, AZ @ Plush
09/24 - Austin, TX @ The Mohawk
09/26 - Birmingham, AL @ Bottletree
09/27 - Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade
09/28 - Tallahassee, FL @ Club Downunder
09/29 - Orlando, FL @ The Social

Hear more from We Were Promised Jetpack's MySpace

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{Lightning Dust}


Lightning Dust's forthcoming album Infinite Light is already being hyped by insiders as a contender for album of the year!

Vancouver’s Lightning Dust are members of Black Mountain (the main project from which Lightning Dust side project was spawn). Infinite Light comes out on August 4th on Jagjaguwar Records.

Have a listen...

"Never Seen"

"I Knew"

Hear more from Lightning Dust's MySpace

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{We Were Promised Jetpacks}


Scotland’s Frightened Rabbit, quite possibly one of my favorite bands of the past year or so, team up with fellow countrymen (and FatCat Records labelmates) The Twilight Sad and We Were Promised Jetpacks for a huge North American tour!!!

I got an advance copy of We Were Promised Jetpacks new album These Four Walls awhile back and it's been in my constant rotation ever since. The band's first single "Quite Little Voices" will be released May 4th and is to be followed later by the album in June.

Here's a couple of standouts...

"Quiet Little Voices"

"It's Thunder and It's Lightning

Checkout the video for "Quiet Little Voices"...

We Were Promised Jetpacks - Quiet Little Voices from WWPJ on Vimeo.

Frightened Rabbit/The Twilight Sad/We Were Promised Jetpacks 2009 Tour Dates:

09/13 - Morrison, CO @ Monolith Festival
09/14 - Salt Lake City, UT @ Urban Lounge
09/15 - Boise, ID @ Neurolux
09/16 - Seattle, WA @ Neumo’s
09/17 - Portland, OR @ Musicfest NW
09/18 - San Francisco, CA @ The Independent
09/20 - Los Angeles, CA @ Knitting Factory
09/22 - Tucson, AZ @ Plush
09/24 - Austin, TX @ The Mohawk
09/26 - Birmingham, AL @ Bottletree
09/27 - Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade
09/28 - Tallahassee, FL @ Club Downunder
09/29 - Orlando, FL @ The Social

Hear more from We Were Promised Jetpack's MySpace

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{David Mead}


I recently received a new tune from David Mead's forthcoming album Almost And Always (out August 4th).

Have a listen...

"Rainy Weather Friend"

And as I previously featured, here's his excellent Michael Jackson cover...

David Mead - "Human Nature"

Hear more from David Mead's MySpace

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{I Love You, Beth Cooper}


Here's a trailer for a great book (written by former Simpsons and Beavis and Butt-head writer Larry Doyle) that looks like it will be ruined my a big screen adaption!

I Love You Beth Cooper tells the story of a nerdy valedictorian who proclaims his love for the hottest and most popular girl in school Beth Cooper during his graduation speech. Much to his surprise, Beth shows up at his door that very night and inadvertently ends up showing him the best night of his life.

The book was a fantastic light summer read, but I remain sceptical about the movie.

Purchase I Love You, Beth Cooper the book Right Here.

View the Trailer right here...

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As recently announced, French electronic pioneers Air are set to release their sixth studio album Love 2 on October 9th.

Air recently sent out the album opener “Do the Joy” to subscribers of the official newsletter. It should be noted that Do the Joy is only a “promo/viral single”, according to a press release. On August 25th they will drop the album’s first proper single “Sing Sang Sung”.

Have a listen...

"Do The Joy"

Here's a video preview...

Hear more from Air's MySpace

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{Jennifer's Body }


20th Century Fox has debuted the first red band trailer for Jennifer's Body starring Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried...and I know the poster is eerily similar to True Blood's, but there was some debate about this last year when both camps revealed their posters at the same time.

This is a teenage horror film written by Diablo Cody 9Juno) and produced by Jason Reitman. It looks pretty sexy and violent as all hell!

Watch the Red Band Trailer right here...

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{Major Lazer}


Ready for a perfect summertime late night soundtrack?

Diplo and Switch's new dancehall project has been getting a whole lotta hype over the last few months about their album Guns Don’t Kill People Lazers Do...and I'm just recently finding out why.

The album opens with the surf-rock single "Hold The Line" (featuring Santigold and Mr. Lex) and doesn't really let up after that.

The album features a ton of dancehall stars and a few state-side up and comers like Turbulence (on "Anything Goes"), Mr. Vegas (on "Can't Stop Now"), and Brooklyn's own auto-crooner Ricky Blaze and Nina Sky lend their vocals to the radio friendly "Keep It Goin' Louder" (this one's got "crossover" written all over it).

Here's a few links...

Listen to Can't Stop Now ft. Mr. Vegas and Jovi Rockwell courtesy of Pigeons and Planes

Listen to "Hold The Line" (DJ C Remix) courtesy of Chrome Kids

Listen to "Keep it Louder" (feat. Nina Sky & Ricky Blaze) courtesy of This is Radar

Purchase Guns Don’t Kill People Lazers Do Right Here

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{Michael Jackson Tribute}


I meant to post this last week, before I went on vacation, but I didn't make the time.

We're all still heartbroken over Michael Jackson's passing, so DJ Sleeper sent over a couple of MJ remixes to pay tribute. One featuring MJ's vocals set to Luke Vibert & BJ Cole's "Swing Lite Alright".

Have a listen...

Michael Jackson + Telepopmusik - Remember The Time (Sleeper Heartbroken Remix)

"Michael Jackson + Luke Vibert + BJ Cole - Remember The Time (Sleeper RIP Remix) "

Hit up DJ Sleeper's MySpace or DJ Sleeper's Facebook for more info.

And previously mentioned...

Have a listen to...

David Mead - "Human Nature"

Michael Jackson - "Human Nature

"One Day In Your Life" courtesy of Art Decade.

And when you feel like dancin'..."P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)"

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