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{Ladies and Gentlemen, The Bible!}

The Bible.tiff

Jonathan Goldstein is a humorist known for his observations on Jews, breakups, and Lenny Bruce. In his latest book Ladies and Gentlemen, The Bible! old-fashioned storytelling meets the irreverent characterization of some of the world's most mythic personalities.

Here's an Adam and Eve excerpt from the book...

"The fruit was squishy and tart. She smooshed it around in her mouth. She squinted her eyes. It was a bit like trying on new glasses. It was a bit like an amyl nitrate popper. It was a bit like a big kiss on the lips right at first when you weren’t sure if you wanted to be kissed or not. She felt a thousand little feet kicking at her uterus. … The idea of her own nudity, as well as Adam’s, had always felt more like a Nordic, coed health spa thing; now, with the fruit of knowledge, it felt more like a Rio de Janeiro carnival thing."

Better yet here's a (14 min.) audio clip from This American Life titled "Adam an Eve"...

"Adam and Eve"

Here's a book trailer of Jonathan Goldstein's Ladies and Gentlemen, The Bible (Part One)...

Here's a book trailer of Jonathan Goldstein's Ladies and Gentlemen, The Bible (Part Two)...

Note: Goldstein has read nearly a dozen passages of the book on WireTap...they are archived Right Here

Purchase Ladies and Gentlemen, The Bible Right Here

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