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April 22, 2009



Sony Picture Classics recently debuted the first trailer for Duncan Jones' Moon, a much hyped indie sci-fi film starring Sam Rockwell that first premiered at Sundance earlier this year!

The plot revolves around astronaut Sam Bell (Sam Rockwell) who has a personal encounter toward the end of his three-year stint on the Moon, where he, working alongside his intelligent computer, GERTY, sends back to Earth parcels of Helium 3, a resource that has helped diminish our planet's power problems.

Moon arrives in select theaters on June 12th.

View the Trailer right here...

Listen to the album in it's entirety from Metric's MySpace

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April 21, 2009



I posted about Metric's new album Fantasies a couple weeks ago, but I just got a new remix to post!

Here's The Twelves Remix of "Help. I'm Alive"...

"Help, I'm Alive (The Twelves Remix)"

Here's my fav tune off the album...

"Twilight Galaxy"

Here's the brand new video (and reason why I'm crushing on Emily Haines all over again) for another standout track titled "Gimme Sympathy"...

Here's the video for "Help, I'm Alive"...

Here's the Help, I'm Alive Documentary...

Hear more from Metric's MySpace

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{The Decemberists}


Missed The Decemberists' show at the IFC Crossroads Party at SXSW? Not to worry...we have three video clips from the party right here.

Below are links to performances of Colin Meloy and the gang playing "O, Valencia," "The Crane Wife" and "Billy Liar". Enjoy.

"O, Valencia"

"The Crane Wife"

"Billy Liar"

Hear more from The Decemberists MySpace

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{Late Night Sounds}


I recently put together a little Late Night Sounds Summer Dance Mix!

Here's the tracklisting:

Mexican Institute of Sound - "Cumbia"
Nina Simone - "Gimme Some (Mike Mangini Remix)""
Tommy Blake - 'Sweetie Pie"
Siriusmo - "Girls Rock"
Fever Ray - "Triangle Walks (Tiga's 1-2-3-4 Remix)""
Tokyo Police Club - "Be Good"
Mika Nakashima - "Crescent Moon"
Animal Collective - "My Girls (Hatchmatik Disco Bootleg)""
Gathania - "Sidechains"
Golden Silvers - "True Romance (True No. 9 Blues)"

Listen to the mix Right Here

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{Duke Special}


As a free taster I received three brand new Duke Special to post!

The songs:
"Those Proverbs We Made in the Winter Must End" (produced, co-written and co-played by former Suede sideman Bernard Butler), "I Feel For You" (a stringy lullaby-esque Prince cover made famous by Chaka Kahn), and the bittersweet piano ballad "Low".

Duke Special’s new album I Never Thought This Day Would Come is full of moments of beauty and hope juxtaposed with a dark, brooding edge.

Download the three songs as a zip file Right Here

Order I Never Thought This Day Would Come Right Here

Hear more from Duke Special's MySpace

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{Conor Oberst & The Mystic Valley Band}


Yes, I posted about this last week, but I've added a few new links!

Conor Oberst and The Mystic Valley Band will release a new album titled Outer South on May 5th via Merge Records. The album was recorded at Sonic Ranch Studios in Tornillio, outside El Paso, Texas in November/December and features the same talented group of musicians as were present on last year’s acclaimed Conor Oberst album.

I've now heard the album after posting about it last week and they really seem to be gelling as a band. It's also nice to hear the members switching off on lead vocals.

Watch Conor Oberst perform "One of My Kind" exclusively for IFC.com Right Here

Last week I posted this tune that I thought was from the forthcoming album, it turns out I was wrong. Not sure where this one is from, but I think this one will def be one to add to Conor's list of greatest tunes ever penned...


Also listen to "Slowly (Oh So Slowly)" from the bands Official Site

And hear "Nicorette" courtesy of Stereogum

One more..."Ten Women" courtesy of Ear, Eye, Nose Candy

Here they are performing “Nikorette” (to be feature on the new album) which they performed on Late Night With Conan O’Brien in November.

Pre-order the album Right Here

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April 08, 2009



Phoenix was the musical guest on SNL last week. If you haven't already done so, check the videos below. Also Yeah Yeah Yeahs will be on SNL this weekend!

See Phoenix perform "Lisztomania"...

See Phoenix perform "1901"...

Hear more from Phoenix MySpace

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{Junior Boys}


Junior Boys brand new album Begone Dull Care is quickly becoming one of my favs!

The duo of Jeremy Greenspan and Matthew Didemus, professionally known as Junior Boys, officially released their new album today in the US. It will be followed later this spring by the release of the single "Hazel", which features three remixes from Ewan Pearson.

Begone Dull Care is the band's third album, following Last Exit (2004) and So This Is Goodbye (2006). The title is a reference to a short film by the pioneering Oscar-winning Scottish-Canadian animator and electronic composer, Norman McLaren, who was a big influence on the conception and creation of this album. McLaren may not be as well-known today, but his influence has been seen by nearly anyone whose been raised on the early works of the Children's Television Workshop. McLaren was especially fond of direct film animation (the technique of physically manipulating or painting on film frame by frame) as is the case with "Begone Dull Care" and stop-start animation (as displayed in his classic, "Neighbours").

Watch Norman McLaren's 1949's Begone Dull Care Here

At times the album is a dance record ("Bits & Pieces", "Hazel"), but mostly it flows in this dreamy mid-tempo groove. The best examples coming on "Sneak A Picture", "Parallel Lines", "Dull To Pause", and the excellent album closer "What It's For".

Here's the first single "Hazel"...


Listen to Begone Dull Care in it's entirety Right Here

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{Golden Silvers}


I recently got my grubby paws on the debut forthcoming album from Golden Silvers...and there's a few tunes in particular that I'm really digging!

In my opinion, the London-based band are at their best on the debut new wave/disco single 'Arrows of Eros', their new and even funkier single ""True Romance (True No.9 Blues)", and the classic Brit-pop flavored "Another Universe".

Here's a couple of standouts...

"True Romance (True No.9 Blues)"

"Another Universe"

Here's the video for "True Romance (True No.9 Blues)"...

Hear more from Golden Silvers MySpace

Order Golden Silvers Right Here

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{Cat House}


Last week I received a dancey new track from the mysterious Essex quartet known simply as Cat House!

They sent along their catchy new single for "Tribe", and all I can say is just wait til the "my heart beats like a military drum" chorus kicks in and you too will wanna dance your ass off! Plus their cat masks are pretty cool.

Download "Tribe" Right Here

Hear more from Cat House MySpace

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{The Rumble Strips}


The Rumble Strips released a free taster from their forthcoming Mark Ronson produced album Welcome To The Walk Alone yesterday!

The album will be released in the UK on June 8th.

Download the new track titled "London" Right Here

Watch the video for 2006's "Motorcycle"...

Hear more from The RUmble Strips MySpace

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{Ed Harcourt}

Russian Roulette.tiff

Earlier this week I received a new track from UK singer/songwriter Ed Harcourt's forthcoming EP titled Russian Roulette!

The track "Caterpillar" points to a particularly intense and emotional moment in Harcourt’s life when earlier this year, his newborn daughter Roxy had been placed in an incubator, deeply worrying both Harcourt and his wife as they sat idle, waiting for their Roxy to recover. Describing the song and experience, Harcourt goes on to say, "It's the first song I've written about her. She was a little ill and we waited for her in the hospital for the chrysalis so we could take her home."

Russian Roulette will officially release May 5th.

Listen to a new song titled "Catepillar" Right Here

Attendees of last week's SXSW Music festival were treated to THREE sold out Ed Harcourt shows including a live performance for Direct TV's Blaze TV. You can watch three Russian Roulette songs performed live courtesy of Direct TV Right Here

Here's a couple of standouts from Ed Harcourt's last album The Beautiful Lie...

"Revolution in the Heart"

"Good Friends Ar Hard To Find"

Hear more from Ed Harcourt's MySpace

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{The Killers}


The Killers are releasing a single/EP for Day & Age's "Spaceman", which will include a cover of Bright Eyes "Four Winds"!

The Killers have some great tunes of their own, but they are also really good at doing cover songs. They nail Dire Straits "Romeo & Juliet" (in my humble opinion one of the top 5 songs ever...that's right ever), they do a nice reworking of Joy Division's "Shadowplay", they do a revved up version of David Grey's 'Smile Like You Mean It", and even do an admirable cover of Morrissey's "Why Don't You FInd Out For Yourself".

Here's a couple of covers...

"Romeo & Juliet"

"Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself"

Listen to The Killers version of Bright Eyes "Four Winds" right here...

Watch The Killers perform "Spaceman" Live on Jools Holland...

Hear more from The Killers MySpace

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{Taking Woodstock}


The trailer for Ang Lee's next film Taking Woodstock recently popped up online after debuting last week on "Important Things with Demetri Martin".

Based on a true story, Taking Woodstock stars Demetri Martin as Elliot Tiber, a boy working at his parents' motel in the Catskills who agrees to host Woodstock in their backyard and inadvertently sets into motion the generation-defining concert in the summer of 1969.

View the trailer Right Here...

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Gomez_A New Tide Cover_1236182525.jpg

Gomez return with a new album titled A New Tide to be released on March 31st!

When I first listened to this forthcoming album, I was kind of half-listening so it didn't really leave an impression on me, but when I gave it my undivided attention I realized there were indeed some gems to be discovered.

You mat remember that Gomez won the prestigious Mercury Music Prize for Best Album back in 1998 for their debut album. A New Tide will be Gomez' sixth studio album.

Here's one of my fav tunes off the album...

"Lost Track"

Here's a couple of random Gomez tunes that showcase some of their greatness. The first sung by Ben Ottewell (the song featured on the Machismo EP), the second features Ian Ball on vocals (from the album How We Operate). Enjoy...



Listen to two more brand new songs off A New Tide ("Airstream Driver" and "Little Pieces") from Gomez' Official Site

Pre-order the album right here

Hear Gomez perform live in concert from WXPN and World Café Live in Philadelphia right here

Here's Gomez performing their classic "Tijuana Lady" live in Liverpool...

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April 02, 2009

{Where the WIld Things Are}


Chances are you've seen this already, but I'm gonna post it anyway because I'm excited that the trailer for Where the Wild Things Are popped up online today... and it looks pretty amazing!

I have high hopes for Spike Jones (director) and Dave Eggers (screenplay) film which includes Catherine Keener, Mark Ruffalo, Lauren Ambrose, and James Gandolfini in the cast.

Bonus points for using a slightly different version of The Arcade Fire's song "Wake Up" for the trailer...it really intensifies the film's fantastical elements. Here's to hoping this is an instant classic! Where the Wild Things Are hits theaters on October 16th.

View the Trailer over on Apple in HD Here or right here...

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Listen to Metric's highly anticipated fourth full length studio album Fantasies right now on their MySpace!

Fantasies will officially release in the US April 14th.

Here's my fav tune off the album...

"Twilight Galaxy"

Here's the brand new video (and reason why I'm crushing on Emily Haines all over again) for one of the standout tracks titled "Gimme Sympathy"...

Here's the video for "Help, I'm Alive"...

Here's the Help, I'm Alive Documentary...

Listen to the album in it's entirety from Metric's MySpace

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