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November 19, 2008

{Snow Patrol}


See Snow Patrol For FREE!

Snow Patrol will perform a free show at the House of Blues in San Diego on Saturday Dec. 13th. The concert is hosted by Shockhound.com, which is a new music site that is offering free deals to get your attention. The free tickets to the Snow Patrol concert will be available Nov. 22nd at 10 a.m. PST on Shockhound.com on a first come, first serve basis.

I posted about Snow Patrol's excellent new album A Hundred Million Suns awhile back, read about it and get some downloads Right Here

Log on to Shockhound.com Right Here

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{Mister Lonely}


Here's one more new film that recently came out on dvd that I would recommend!

Harmony Korine's (director of Kids, Gummo) latest film Mister Lonely is his first film in quite awhile. The plot synopsis goes like this: An American kid, a Michael Jackson impersonator, is lost...and he meets a Marilyn Monroe impersonator and he gets found when he goes to this place where Charlie Chaplin, Shirley Temple, Madonna, and a bunch of other Jack Rabbit Slims employees live and see nuns falling out of the sky. Diego Luna and Samantha Norton star in the lead roles.

Watch the Trailer Right Here...

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{When Did You Last See Your Father?}


Here's another new film that recently came out on dvd that I would recommend!

Based on the autobiography of Blake Morrison of the same name, When Did You Last See Your Father? is a film that reflects upon themes of respect, contempt, and understanding one’s parents and the indisputable truth that as children we are doomed to become them in one facet or another.

Watch the Trailer Right Here...

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{Sukiyaki Western Django]


There's a few new films that recently came out on dvd that I would recommend viewing, this is but one of them!

Sukiyaki Western Django is directed and co-written by renowned Japanese filmmaker Takashi Miike, known for horror films including Ichi the Killer, Audition, Gozu, and One Missed Call.

Asian cowboys, samurai, and Quentin Taratino squaring off in the old west east...what more could you ask for?

Watch the Trailer Right Here...

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{The (International) Noise Conspiracy}


The (International) Noise Conspiracy's forthcoming album The Cross of My Calling is up for stream in it's entirety!

I haven't quite fell in love with this album yet, and I' be quick to note that the album has a more 70's mod revival/psychedelia feel than anything they've ever released. I don't think they will ever reach the greatness of Survival Sickness or A New Morning, Changing Weather, but this doesn't really seem to come close. On the other hand, I've got such a soft spot for these lovable Swedish socialists. Especially after seeing them last week in their spiffy new purple suede outfits they picked up for their tour.

The Cross of My Calling officially drops Nov. 25th.

Stream The Cross of My Calling in it's entirety over on The (International) Noise Conspiracy's MySpace

Pre-order The Cross of My Calling Right Here

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I know that Dido can be easy to bag on, but I quite like her new album Safe Trip Home which features collaborations with: Jon Brion, Brian Eno, and (her brother) Rollo Armstrong.

Playing many of the instruments on Safe Trip Home" Dido sings about the death of her father ("Grafton Street") and muses over a breakup on the lead track "Don't Believe in Love."

"Let's Do the Things We Normally Do", "Look No Further", and "Never Want To Say it's Love" however, are amongst my favorite tracks off the album. These something about the mellow vibe of these songs reminds me of Everything But The Girl's best moments.

Here's a link to the Zip FIle of the album (while it's up)

You can Stream Safe Trip Home in it's entirety over on AOL's Listening Party

Purchase Safe Trip Home Right Here

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November 17, 2008

{The Watchmen}


New Watchmen trailer anyone?

The new trailer shows The Comedian falling to his death and actually shows some bits of dialogue!

Those of you unfamiliar with the graphic novel should take note that it ranked amongst Time Magazine's 100 Best Novels.

View the original Trailer over on The Watchmen Website

Checkout six new individual Watchmen posters courtesy of First Showing

View the new Trailer right here...

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Have y'all seen the teaser trailer for Roland Emmerich's 2012, which popped up online last week?

T film is based on the Mayan calendar prediction that the end of the world will arrive sometime in 2012...the movie is about that arrival and what will happen. Of course that means there is alot of potential for some crazy viral marketing, which brings us to a site called Institute for Human Continuity that talks about registering for a lottery to guarantee your survival when the apocalypse comes in 2012. Nothing much happens once you register, but it's still early in the game.

Look for 2012 in theaters theaters on July 10, 2009.

Register at Institute for Human Continuity Right Here

View the Teaser Trailer (if you have not already done so)...

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Emily Haines and Metric are back with a new album slated for an early 2009 release. As a prelude to their December tour (around Canada with Tokyo Police Club, The Dears and Sebastian Granger And The Mountains) the band posted the song "Help, I'm alive" (along with an interview) on their website.

Download "Help, I'm Alive" courtesy of Side One Track One

Watch a great interview with the lovely and talented Emily Haines discussing making the album in Buenos Aires from Metric's site

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{Oasis- "I'm Outta Time"}

Oasis - I'm Outta Time

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November 15, 2008

{Summer Hours}


One of my favorite French directors Olivier Assayas is set to release his latest drama titled Summer Hours!

Summer Hours plot revolves around a family that meet at their mother’s 75th birthday in an old French country home that belonged to their great uncle, who was a famous artist. After the party the film follows the three adult children (Charles Berling, Juliette Binoche, and Jeremie Renier). The film meditates on what memory and family mean as we grow older and how objects play a role in that.

Fans of Assayas' early films like Late August, Early September might enjoy this one. No official stateside release date yet, but I'm betting this will be popping up in art house cinemas quite soon. You'll know more when I do.

View The Trailer Right Here...

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Latin rock pioneers Aterciopelados Andrea Echeverri and Hector Buitrago have been exploring brighter themes 2001's since Gozo Poderoso and now they return with positive vibes on their new album Rio. I have to admit I liked the duo a little more when they were a little edgier and darker, but as with every one of their albums there are sure to be some standout moments. I haven't had a chance to jump into this album yet, but I'm looking forward to.

Download "Rio" and "28" courtesy of Glorified Fonograma

Here's a classic...

"El Estuche"

Ok, one more...

"Luz Azul"

Order Rio Right Here

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{Wendy and Lucy}


Here's the trailer for Kelly Reichardt's follow-up to the '06 indie film Old Joy (starring Will Oldham).

Wendy and Lucy follows Wendy (Michelle Williams) and her dog Lucy as they travel to Alaska for a summer job. Wendy's life begins to fall apart once her car breaks down in Oregon as her financial situation gets progessively worse. There is already much talk from the films viewings at various festivals about Michelle Williams powerful performance.

View the Trailer Right Here...

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November 06, 2008

{Kings of Leon - "Use Somebody"}

Kings of Leon - Use Somebody

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{Snow Patrol}


I've had Snow Patrol's new album A Hundred Million Suns on constant rotation lately. The first single is the rocking number "Take Back The City". The single is good and all, but their talents lie elsewhere. As in the melodic mid-tempo tunes and ballads. Highlights include: "If There's A Rocket Tie Me To It", "Crack The Shutters", "Lifeboats", "Set Down Your Glass", and "The Planets Bend Between Us".

Download "Lifeboats", "Crack the Shutters", "Set Down Your Glass" courtesy of Ingrained Refrains

View the video for "Take Back The City" Right Here

Order A Hundred Million Suns Right Here

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