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I'm sure you've read in the news by now that (counterculture comedian) George Carlin passed away. He will indeed be greatly missed. I'm posting a couple of audio clips from 2002's Brain Droppings titled "Stuff" and "N.Y. vs L.A"...funny stuff. I also intended to post a few tracks from 2004's hilarious When Will Jesus Bring the Porkchops, but I didn't get a chance to dig into my hard drive...perhaps for another post. I'm gonna go watch The Aristocrats and laugh myself silly at Carlin's very deadpan delivery of the world's dirtiest joke!

Have a listen...

"N.Y vs L.A."


Also listen to "Extreme Human Behavior", "Drugs", "Religion", "Dumb Americans", "Why We Don't Need 10 Commandments", and "Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television" courtesy of Live Journal

Here's a great live clip...

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