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June 30, 2008

{Those Dancing Days}


Awhile back I put together a Late Night Sounds mixtape which featured the song "Hitten" by Those Dancing Days and it had recently dawned on me that I neglected to checkout more material from the band. After having done so, Those Dancing Days songs have now found a place in my regular rotation.

Those Dancing Days are five lovely young Swedish girls who create catchy pop tunes with a little northern soul influence and a few handclaps here and there. The girls have recently been signed to Rough Trade Records and are set to release their next single Run Run (on August 7th). Those Dancing Days have done a mighty fine job considering two of these girls are still in school.

You can find all of the songs from their singles (and I suggest you do so) over on the glorious Hype Machine

Order Those Dancing Days' Run Run or Hitten singles right here

Here's their new video for "Run Run"...

And because the gals are so adorable, here's their video for "Hitten"...

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June 29, 2008

{The Underminer}


I first heard about The Underminer book awhile back from an episode of This American Life titled: The Allure of the Mean Friend, in which author Mike Albo performed a skit as a class A underminer. Having been subjected to numerous underminers in my life, I immediately fell in love!

I remember thinking that I could easily envision Albo performing various scenarios from the book. Well, now he's up and done it. Below is a video clip of his classic backstabbing character that you hope you never have to meet, but first...

Listen to a clip of The Underminer (cut from This American Life) Right Here

Watch this hilarious new clip right here...

Order The Underminer the book right here

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June 26, 2008

{Ron Sexsmith}


I know that I start off by way too many posts with 'This is one of my favorite singer-songwriters', but Ron Sexsmith is undoubtedly one of my favorite singer-songwriters! Ron is one of (if not thee) most sincere singer-songwriters around today and his music always leaves me feeling warm and fuzzy inside.

Ron Sexsmith will release his forthcoming album titled Exit Strategy of the Soul on July 8th (July 1st in Canada) on Yep Roc Records. Fans of Feist might enjoy Sexsmith's take on "Brandy Alexander" from Feist's album The Reminder. Some of you may even know that Sexsmith had co-wrote the track and now he brings his take of the song on Exit Strategy of the Soul.

A bit about "Brand Alexander":
Composed via email and chance meetings, the song was born after Feist introduced herself to Ron in an Ottawa hotel lounge. Sexsmith recalls, "At the time I had gotten into the habit of ordering Brandy Alexanders and so she had come up to me and asked me what I was drinking. I told her that it was the famous drink that got John Lennon and Harry Nilsson kicked out of the LA Troubadour back in the 70's. A few days later I received a lyric via email from Leslie called "Brandy Alexander." I thought it was great and almost immediately I went down to the piano and started setting it to music."

A year later, Sexsmith re-connected with Feist backstage at a show in Los Angeles and sang her the completed work, recording it on a dictaphone. "I didn't really plan on recording a version of my own until I heard her take on it which, by the way, I love." says Sexsmith, The Feist version is very pretty and sophisticated where as I heard it as more of a drunken sing-along."

Have a listen...

"Brandy Alexander" (Courtesy of Each Secure Note)

Also, have listen to another standout track...

"This Is How I Know"

Pre-order Exit Strategy of the Soul right here

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June 25, 2008

{Joseph Arthur}


Months ago Joseph Arthur announced that he would be releasing one EP a month, for four months. It was no joke...the guy must think he's Ryan Adams or something.

This month Joseph Arthur (and his label Lonely Astronaut Records) released the third EP Vagabond Skies, in the four-EP prelude leading to his September 16th full-length album titled Temporary People. "It's almost like the '50s again when it was all about singles,” says Arthur. “I’ve always liked the EP because it has a looseness to it. I think songs work best off of each other.”

This is definitely slower than the previous EP's and probably more of a keeper folks who are already fans of Joseph Arthur.

Have a listen...

"Pretty Good Company"

Here's Joseph Arthur's tour dates:

July 4 Montreal, QC - Club Soda
July 9 Boston, MA - Paradise
July 10 Philadelphia, PA - World Café Live
July 11 New York, NY - Bowery Ballroom (JA & the Lonely Astronauts)
July 12 Hoboken, NJ - Maxwell’s (solo)
July 15 Los Angeles, CA - Troubadour
July 18 San Francisco, CA - Great American Music Hall
July 21 Portland, OR - Doug Fir
July 22 Seattle, WA - Triple Door
July 24 Vancouver, BC - The Media Club
July 26 Guelph, ON - Hillside Festival

Listen to Mp3's from the previous EP's right here

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Did you hear "Orphans" and "Gamma Ray" yet? These are two new tracks from Beck's forthcoming album Modern Guilt, that can be streamed (along with another newbie "Chemtrails") from Becks iLife page. I also linked a neat little promo video for the album. Modern Guilt drops July 8th!

Listen to new tracks from Modern Guilt right here

View the Modern Guilt Promo right here...

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June 23, 2008

{George Carlin}


I'm sure you've read in the news by now that (counterculture comedian) George Carlin passed away. He will indeed be greatly missed. I'm posting a couple of audio clips from 2002's Brain Droppings titled "Stuff" and "N.Y. vs L.A"...funny stuff. I also intended to post a few tracks from 2004's hilarious When Will Jesus Bring the Porkchops, but I didn't get a chance to dig into my hard drive...perhaps for another post. I'm gonna go watch The Aristocrats and laugh myself silly at Carlin's very deadpan delivery of the world's dirtiest joke!

Have a listen...

"N.Y vs L.A."


Also listen to "Extreme Human Behavior", "Drugs", "Religion", "Dumb Americans", "Why We Don't Need 10 Commandments", and "Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television" courtesy of Live Journal

Here's a great live clip...

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{Girl Talk}


I was recently informed that Girl Talk's new album Feed The Animals is being offered as a 'pay what you like'. I've only had a chance to preview a couple of tracks, but it sounds like it's got a hip-hop-for-the club vibe. Track 2 ("Shut the Club Down") even samples M.I.A. and Rod Stewart.

Download the album right here

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{Miracle at St Anna}


I'm looking forward to watching Spike Lee's forthcoming drama Miracle at St Anna. The film set in 1944 Italy, and tells the story of four black American soldiers who get trapped in a Tuscan village during WWII. Look for the film in theaters nationwide September 26th.

View the Trailer right here...

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{The Verve}


Have you heard...The Verve are back with an interesting new single titled "Love is Noise". The US release date is August 19th.

Hear "Love is Noise" right here

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June 18, 2008

{Conor Oberst and The Mystic Valley Band}


Yesterday two new tracks off Conor Oberst and The Mystic Valley Band's forthcoming album popped up online!

Conor Oberst will be embarking on a tour for his self-titled solo album, to be released August 5th from Merge Records. He will be performing in L.A. on that same day with his Mystic Valley Band, comprised of: Nate Walcott, Nik Freitas, Macey Taylor, Jason Boesel and Taylor Hollingsworth. Tickets for the Troubadour show go on sale this Saturday, June 21st.

Stream "Danny Callahan" and "Souled Out!!!" right here

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June 16, 2008

{Make Music Pasadena}


Yes, that's exactly what we need...another summer music festival!

Make Music Pasadena is a FREE music festival that takes place this weekend (Saturday, June 21st). The line-up includes: The Raveonettes, Dengue Fever, Kinky, The Little Ones, Nortec Collective's Bostich and Fussible, Meiko, Autolux, Plasticines, Jesca Hoop, Division Day and Everest.

Make Music Pasadena takes place throughout the main districts in Pasadena, including Old Pasadena, One Colorado, the Playhouse District, and throughout the city.

On that day, sidewalks, parks, courtyards, alleys, building lobbies and other unconventional performance spaces will become spontaneous musical stages where artists will perform at six themed main stages.

All performances are free and open to the public.

Get the complete schedule right here

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{The Notwist}


Six long years after the release of the The Notwist’s minimal-pop album Neon Golden, which is credited as helping rewrite the rules of indie-electro music, the band gears up for another full-length album titled The Devil, You + Me!

The Notwist recorded portions of the album with the Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra, a classical orchestra that specializes in exciting and often bizarre avant classic interpretations of modern jazz, perfectly complimenting the album's themes of love, loss, and alienation.

Highlights include the opening track "Good Lies", in which Lead singer Markus Acher's vocals loom under a blanket of crackling distortion that bottoms out into an acoustic guitar strum while repeating the line "Let's just imitate the real until we find a better one"...pure genius. Other standouts include the downtempo electro pop on "The Devil, You, and Me", the glitchy and beat-heavy "On Planet Off", the acoustic-folk number "Gloomy Planets", or the somber Nick Drake-flavored album closer "Gone Gone Gone".

The album will officially be released tomorrow (June 17th).

Listen to "Good Lies" and "Where in This World" courtesy of The Pelican's Perch

Listen to "Gravity" courtesy of Discheria El Rocco

Hear more from the glorious Hype Machine or listen to samples of all the songs on the album right here

Here's the video for "Where in This World"...

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The trailer for Bill Maher’s forthcoming documentary Religulous has recently popped up online. In the film, Maher travels to some of the world's most popular religious destinations (Jerusalem, the Vatican, etc) questioning believers while being upfront about his own skepticism. Why is suffering so random? Why are so many religions down on homosexuality? What’s up with the virgin birth? He talks to Hasidic scholars, Jesus impersonators, Jews for Jesus, Muslims, polygamists, Satanists, creationists, stoners, and a Senator who believes in the Rapture. Funny stuff. Look for Religulous in select theaters on October 3rd.

View the Trailer right here...

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June 10, 2008

{The Hold Steady}


The Hold Steady’s highky anticipated forthcoming album Stay Positive is currently streaming in its entirety on the Brooklyn-via-Minneapolis band’s MySpace page! The band’s fourth album will officially be released on July 15th.

Listen to Stay Positive in it's entirety from The Hold Steady's MySpace

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{My Morning Jacket}


Tomorrow is the official release date for My Morning Jacket's new album Evil Urges. For your listening pleasure My Old Kentucky Blog is now streaming the entire album!

Listen to Evil Urges in it's entirety right here

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{Quid Pro Quo}


If you're not going to be watching The Hulk or The Happening this friday the 13th, then maybe this indie flick might be you're cup of tea.

Quid Pro Quo's plot revolves around Isaac Knott, a semi-paralyzed radio reporter (Nick Stahl) sent out to investigate a story when he encounters Fiona (Vera Farmiga), a woman who leads him into an odd subculture and a journey of disturbing self-realization. Quid Pro Quo opens this weekend in select theaters.

View the Trailer right here

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June 09, 2008

{Sigur Rós}


Sigur Rós forthcoming album titled með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust (translation: With a Buzz in Our Ears We Play Endlessly) is now streaming on their site! The album will officially release on June 24th via XL Recordings.

Stream the album in it's entirety right here

Pre-order the album here
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June 05, 2008

{From Bubblegum To Sky Giveaway}

From Bubblegum To Sky.tiff

We've been a big fan of From Bubblegum To Sky's lo-fi disco indie-pop for years and now we're running a From Bubblegum To Sky contest!

A Soft Kill is the third full-length album by the the one man band (Mario Hernandez) known as From Bubblegum To Sky. A Soft Kill will be considered by some to be one of the best one-man albums of the year. Hernandez’s previous records Me and Amy and the Two French Boys and Nothing Sadder Than Lonely Queen feature some pristine pop melodies, and A Soft Kill is no exception, harking back to the music he listened to before departing Japan for America at the age of 12.

Bubblegum Giveaway.tiff

From Bubblegum To Sky’s A Soft Kill will be released by Eenie Meenie Records as a digital download and vinyl LP only. The vinyl configuration will come packaged with an exclusive t-shirt designed exclusively by the Brown Sound Clothing Company, available online and in select stores. Check out the company that created this exclusive offer here. We will be giving away a package that includes a Drop Card of A Soft Kill, a beautifully designed t-shirt, a button, a signed poster, and CD's of From Bubblegum To Sky’s two previous releases Me and Army and The Two French Boys and Nothing Sadder Than Lonely Queen.

Here's the question. Name the group (a major influence on From Bubblegum To Sky's music) who sings this song...

???Who is this Mystery Artist???

The prize goes to the first person to Email me with the answer...WE HAVE OUR WINNER.

Here's some standout tracks from A Bubblegum To Sky's A Soft Kill...

"Guest Relations"

"Even The Sunbeams"

"I Always Fall Apart"

Stream A Soft Kill in it's entirety right here

Order A Soft Kill right here

Here's the video for the classic "Hello Hello Hi"...

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{War Inc.}


The indie film War Inc. will open in more theaters tomorrow (on June 6th), but if it's not playing at a theater near you, fear not. War inc. will be getting the super quick DVD release date of July 1st.

The plot revolves around Brand Hauser (John Cusack) is a corporate hit man who travels to the embattled country of Turaqistan, which has been taken over completely by a private corporation. Hired to kill a Middle East oil minister, Hauser poses as the corporation's Trade Show Manager and oversees the wedding of a pop singer (Hilary Duff) to get close to his target. The film stars John Cusack , Joan Cusack, Marisa Tomei, Hilary Duff, Ben Kingsley, and Dan Aykroyd.

Check your local theaters for listings.

View the Trailer Here or right here...

Pre-order War Inc. Here

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{Ed Harcourt}


It's hard to believe that British singer-songwriter Ed Harcourt's fifth album, The Beautiful Lie is barely releasing Stateside this week (on Dovecote Records). The album was undoubtedly one of my favorite albums of last year with hardly a weak spot on the album. My favorite moments come on reflective old-fashioned orchestrated songs like "You Only Call Me When You’re Drunk", "Good Friends Are Hard To Find", and "Until Tomorrow Then".

There are also plenty of catchy upbeat melodies (such as "Visit From The Dead Dog" and "Revolution in the Heart"). Harcourt has long been considered to be on the cusp of greatness ever since his first EP (Maplewood) hit the shelves, and after a UK Mercury Prize nomination for his '01 full-length debut album Here Be Monsters.

Ed Harcourt will make his US television debut on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno tomorrow night (Friday, June 6th).

Here's a couple of my favs:

"Revolution in My Heart"

"Good Friends Are Hard To Find"

Here's the video for "Revolution in the Heart"...

Hear more from Ed Harcourt's MySpace

Purchase The Beautiful Lie right here

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June 04, 2008

{The Go-Getter}


The indie film The Go-Getter will hit theaters this weekend (on June 6th) in limited release.

The film stars Lou Taylor Pucci (Thumbsucker), Jena Malone (Donnie Darko), and Zooey Deschanel in a coming-of-age road movie that plays out like a modern day Fellini film. Indie rocker M. Ward provides the soundtrack.

The plot revolves around Pucci's character, who steals a car and goes on an odyssey to search for his estranged brother, after the death of their mother.

Check your local theaters for listings.

View the Trailer right here...

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June 03, 2008

{Verve Remixed 4}


I recently received Verve Remixed 4 in my inbox and I've been grooving to it ever since!

The album features cutting-edge production contributors re-imagining an array of R&B, soul, Latin and jazz standards making this a perfect soundtrack for your next get-together.

Have a listen to a standout track:

Marlena Shaw - "California Soul" (Diplo Remix)

Hear a couple more highlights courtesy of Carl Sandburg Visits Me in A Dream

Dig the trailer...

1. Cry Me A River - Billie Holiday remixed by Truth and Soul
2. Gimme Some - Nina Simone remixed by Mike Mangini
3. There Was A Time - James Brown remixed by Kenny Dope
4. California Soul - Marlena Shaw remixed by Diplo
5. Take Care Of Business - Nina Simone remixed by Pilooski
6. Bim Bom - Astrud Gilberto remixed by Psapp
7. Everybody Loves The Sunshine - Roy Ayers remixed by 9th Wonder
8. Tenderly - Anita O'Day remixed by Mocky
9. Dilo Como Yo - Patato & Totico remixed by Antibalas
10. Evil Ways - Willie Bobo remixed by Karriem Higgins
11. Tea For Two - Sarah Vaughan remixed by Chris Shaw
12. I Get A Kick Out Of You - Ella Fitzgerald remixed by Cinematic Orchestra

Purchase Verve Remixed 4 right here

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{Burn After Reading}


A red band trailer for the Coen brothers forthcoming dark spy comedy Burn After Reading recently popped up online!

The plot revolves around an ousted CIA official's memoir accidentally falling into the hands of two unwise gym employees intent on exploiting their find. The film stars: Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Frances McDormand, John Malkovich and Tilda Swinton. Look for Burn After Reading in theaters September 12th.

View the Trailer (via iTunes) here or right here...

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June 02, 2008

{Aimee Mann}

Aimee Mann.tiff

Aimee Mann's new album @#%&! Smilers hits stores tomorrow (6/3) and her summer tour kicks off in Los Angeles tonight! "Freeway" is the first single from the 13-track collection.


"Thirty One Today" (Courtesy of Stereogum)

"Freeway" (Courtesy of "You Crazy Dreamers)

Also hear the duet (with Sean Hayes) titled "Ballantines" from Aimee mann's MySpace or hear the album in it's entirety over on AOL's Listening Party

Here's the tour dates:
06/02 - Los Angeles, CA @ Largo
06/06 - Anaheim, CA @ House of Blues
06/10 - Los Angeles, CA @ Largo
06/12 - Minneapolis, MN @ Minneapolis Zoo
06/13 - Milwaukee WI @ Pabst Theater
06/15 - Manchester, TN @ Bonnaroo Music Festival
07/09 - Boulder, CO @ Chautauqua Auditorium
07/11 - Denver, CO @ Denver Botanical Gardens
07/12 - Park City, UT @ Deer Valley Resort
07/14 - Saratoga, CA @ Mountain Winery
07/15 - Rosebud, OR @ Stewart Park
07/16 - Seattle, WA @ Seattle Zoo
07/24 - Calgary, Alberta @ Calgary Music Festival

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