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{The Rookie}


Are you fans of Fox's hit tv series 24 having withdrawls too? Then check out the new 24 spin-off The Rookie!

In these side stories rookie analyst/field agent Jason Blaine (Jeremy Valdez) is sent to Mexico City to find his mentor Alex Maxwell (Eric Beck), who has been kidnapped by drug czar Estaban Salazar (the Salazar brothers were introduced in season 3 of 24). The plot also thickens when a a mole is discovered inside the CTU (Counter Terrorist Unit), adding that familiar set up to fans of the 24 storytelling.

There's a bit too much brand advertisement (the webisodes are brought to you by Degree men's deodorant), and the acting isn't quite up to snuff, but it's still 24 right? The familiar setup is all there, the ticking clock, the framed character windows, etc.

Begin watching webisodes of The Rookie Right Here

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