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{The Charlatans}


The legendary Britpop band The Charlatans will offer their forthcoming single “You Cross My Path” FOR FREE!

Later, The Charlatans plan on giving away a second single and then eventually their forthcoming (as-yet-untitled) album. The Chartlatans manager Alan McGee and the band believe that the business model for selling music is moribund and that future income will largely come from ticket sales for live shows and merchandising.


McGee said he decided to give The Charlatans’ music away after they were offered a deal he considered less than satisfactory by their record company, Sanctuary. “I thought, ‘well nobody buys CDs anyway’. If you talk to a 19-year-old kid, they don’t buy CDs. In eastern Europe, nobody buys a CD – everything is digitally downloaded from the internet for nothing. I came to the conclusion, ‘Why don’t we just give it away for nothing.”

You can also get the download from The Charlatans site


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