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{Mother of Tears}


This is the final installment of Dario Argento's "Three Mothers" trilogy (twenty-seven years after the last film). Mother of Tears (La Terza Madre) centers on a young American art student, Sarah, who opens an ancient urn that unleashes the demonic power of the world's most powerful witch. As a scourge of suicides plague the city and witches from all over the world converge on Rome to pay homage, Sarah must use all her own psychic powers to stop the 'Mother of Tears' before her evil conquers the world.

The film stars Asia Argento and Udo Kier. Mother of Tears has just released in Canada and releases in Italy next month. No word on a US release date yet, but keep your eyes peeled.

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See, this kind of movie just perpetuates the stereotyping of witches as evil, naked, canibalistic bitches with messed up dental issues...

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