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{Bionic Woman, Journeyman, Chuck Online}


NBC's Bionic Woman, Chuck and Journeyman are available for online viewing. You can also head over to Blockbuster for a FREE rental (when you rent another DVD) of pilot episodes of NBC's Journeyman, Chuck, and Life one disc. I didn't care too much for Life or Journeyman, but Chuck had some funny moments. I have yet to view Bionic Woman, but what I've seen of the action sequences look pretty neat. Watch 'em for free right now via Amazon (just register)!

Bionic Woman Synopsis: Jaime Sommers is back and as technologically enhanced as ever in this remake from the 70s. In this version, Jaime Sommers works as a bartender who gets into a near-fatal car accident. The only way to save her life is an amazing surgery using top-secret technology - but it will cost her more than she may be willing to give in the long run. Will she be able to use her powers for good while paying back the enormous debt?

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Journeyman Synopsis: This mystery-drama revolves around a newspaper reporter named Dan Vasser who suddenly begins to travel through time to change the lives of those around him. When his travels reunite him with his long-lost fiancée Livia, life with his present-day wife get very interesting.

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Chuck Synopsis: This plot centers around a computer geek named Chuck Bartowski who becomes the CIA's most important agent when he accidentally opens a top-secret email full of government secrets, which somehow downloads into his brain. Can the CIA protect him from terrorists before they can access the tremendous amount of government knowledge from Chuck's brain?

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