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August 30, 2007

{David Dondero}


I know, I know I just posted about David Dondero's new album titled Simple Love, but now you can download the entire album FOR FREE courtesy of Team Love Records!

This is David’s second release for Conor Oberst’s Team Love Records, and the follow up to 2005's South of the South album. Dondero is known for his clever word play and sarcastic humor (as represented in the album title) about some of life’s most sensitive subjects.

Here's my two favorite tracks off Simple Love...

"Rothko Chapel"

"When The Heart Breaks Deep"

Download Simple Love in it's entirety right here!

August 28, 2007



Magnolia Pictures acquired English-language rights to Hong Kong director Johnny To’s film Exiled. The stylized action thriller is set in the Hong Kong Underworld with a cast-full of classic gangster actors including Anthony Wong, Simon Yam, Francis Ng, Lam Suet, and Roy Cheung, which coincidentally is most of the cast for Johnnie To’s classic film The Mission. Since the film has already released overseas, you may be able to track down a region-friendly DVD at your local Asian video store or on ebay. Otherwise look for Exiled in select theaters on Aug.31st.

Plot Summary:
The time is 1998. Every living soul jumps at every chance to make quick money before the Portuguese colony ushers in a new era under the Chinese rule. For the jaded hit men, they wonder where this journey will end. Against this background of fin-de-siècle malaise come two hit men from Hong Kong sent to take out a renegade member trying to turn over a new leaf with his wife and newborn baby. They soon find themselves in the throes of a dilemma when two of their former associates also show up, intent on thwarting them at every cost. Look for Exiled in theaters August 31st.

View the Trailer

{The Pinker Tones}


Following the acclaim for last year's Million Colour Revolution album, Barcelona's electronic sensation The Pinker Tones have just released More Colours, a collection of infectious remixes with collaborations with acts like The Submarines and Mexican Institute of Sound (MIS).

Here's a few highlights from More Colours! The Million Colour Revolution Revisited...

More Colours! The Million Colour Revolution Revisited - Plus Exclusive Bonus Tracks "Karma Hunters" (mp3)
from "More Colours! The Million Colour Revolution Revisited - Plus Exclusive Bonus Tracks"
by The Pinker Tones
(Nacional Records)
More On This Album

More Colours! The Million Colour Revolution Revisited - Plus Exclusive Bonus Tracks "Sonido Total" (mp3)
from "More Colours! The Million Colour Revolution Revisited - Plus Exclusive Bonus Tracks"
by The Pinker Tones
(Nacional Records)
More On This Album

More Colours! The Million Colour Revolution Revisited - Plus Exclusive Bonus Tracks "Love Tape" (mp3)
from "More Colours! The Million Colour Revolution Revisited - Plus Exclusive Bonus Tracks"
by The Pinker Tones
(Nacional Records)
More On This Album

{Right At Your Door}


Perhaps you've seen the trailer for this one already but if you haven't then this is for you! From the producers of A Scanner Darkly, Waking Life, & Requem For A Dream comes, yet another, post-apocalyptic drama that will have you thinking.

Plot Summary:
After multiple dirty bombs are detonated, spreading deadly toxic ash across Los Angeles, Brad (Rory Cochrane) inadvertently quarantines his wife, Lexi (Mary McCormack) outside their new home by safely sealing himself inside. With the city under siege and Martial Law in affect, Brad and Lexi struggle to survive with little supply, limited time and no information—all the while separated by thin doors and thinner sheets of plastic. When “help” finally does arrive, it appears to be anything but. Right At Your Door is currently playing in select theaters.

View the Trailer

August 27, 2007

{Lust, Caution}


I can't wait to see Ang Lee’s forthcoming film Lust, Caution, which is an espionage thriller set in WWII-era Shanghai that looks an awful lot like a Wong Kar Wai movie. Lust, Caution stars Tony Leung (“Hero,” “In the Mood for Love”), Joan Chen, and making her feature film debut as Tang Wei. One thing that separates this from Wong Kar Wai's films is the graphic sexuality, which give the film an NC-17 rating. Look for Lust, Caution in theaters Sept.28th.

View the Trailer

{Patrick Park}


Patrick Park has just released a new album titled Everyone's in Everyone and he doesn't disappoint. You hipster kids may remember Patrick Park's excellent track "Life is A Song" featured in The OC finale, but don't hold it against him...the man's gotta eat! Seriously though, this is an essential listen for all you indie music lovers.

Stream five of the best tracks off the album here

Hear more from the Hype Machine

Order Everyone's in Everyone here

Because I know you're dying to see it (or see it again), here's The OC finale...

{The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford}

The Assassination of Jesse James.jpg

Over the weekend the trailer for The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford popped up online. The western stars Brad Pitt and Casey Affleck and will arrive in theaters on Sept. 21st.

The plot revolves around Robert Ford joining Jesse James's gang, only to become resentful of the legendary outlaw as he hatches a plan to kill the fastest gun in the West.

View the Trailer here or right here...

August 23, 2007

{Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings}



I posted about this album last week, but I found a video that I wanted to attach for all you Amy Winehouse and Mark Ronson fans!

Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings return with the album titled 100 Days, 100 Nights, which releases on Oct. 2nd.

Listen to: "100 Days, 100 Nights" AND "Nobody's Baby"!

Hear a few more Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings tunes (from previous albums) courtesy of Muse Nashville.

Pre-order the album right here

August 22, 2007

{Reid Jamieson}


In honor of the 30th anniversary of Elvis’ untimely demise, Canadian singer-songwriter Reid Jamieson introduces The Presley Sessions. Originally recorded it as a birthday gift for his longtime sweetheart/manager, she just couldn’t resist sending it out there and the folks at Banbury Park Records quickly scooped it up.

I must admit that I'm not a big Presley fan, but there's such a familiarity to his songs and the way that he delivers the songs that it's hard to resist not liking this album. Not to be confused as an Elvis impersonator Reid is a singer-songwriter in his own right, so you should checkout some of his own material too.

Here's a couple of highlights from The Presley Sessions...

"Is It So Strange"

"Trying To Get To You"

Hear more from Reid Jamieson's MySpace

Purchase The Presley Sessions here.

August 21, 2007

{Cassandra’s Dream}


Woody Allen’s next film Cassandra’s Dream, which again is set in London (as was Match Point and Scoop) boasts a very British cast that includes Ewan McGregor, Colin Farrell, and Tom Wilkinson.

The film tells the story of two Cockney brothers (Collin Farrell and Ewan McGregor) in south London and their relationship with a young woman (Hayley Atwell) who lands in London on her search for fortune. She crosses the two men by accident on her path and when one them falls in love with her, she becomes aware of her power to attract the opposite sex and uses this to the point of leading the two brothers, who are in financial difficulty, into crime, and creating a dangerous rivalry between the two men.

Seeing as Woody Allen’s films notoriously perform better in Europe, there are no plans to release the film stateside, so you'll have to trek down a region-friendly version when it becomes readily available or wait for it to officially release on DVD in the US.

View the Trailer here or right here...

{Two Loons For Tea}


Seattle duo Two Loons for Tea offer a mix of chill, indie-pop and electro-acoustic fare and will be releasing their 3rd album, Nine Lucid Dreams, on Aug 28th. RIYL Zero 7, Frou Frou, Jonatha Brooke, or Bitter:Sweet.

Here's a few tracks from their forthcoming album...

Nine Lucid Dreams "Sunset Room" (mp3)
from "Nine Lucid Dreams"
by Two Loons For Tea
(Sarathan Records)
Buy at Amazon.com
Buy at iTunes Music Store
More On This Album

Nine Lucid Dreams "Monkey" (mp3)
from "Nine Lucid Dreams"
by Two Loons For Tea
(Sarathan Records)
Buy at Amazon.com
Buy at iTunes Music Store
More On This Album

Nine Lucid Dreams "Consuela" (mp3)
from "Nine Lucid Dreams"
by Two Loons For Tea
(Sarathan Records)
Buy at Amazon.com
Buy at iTunes Music Store
More On This Album

{Manu Chao}


La Radiolina is the first new studio album in six years from iconic world music artist Manu Chao, who recently co-headlined Coachella, Bonnaroo, and his own sold out 20 city U.S. tour! The album will be released on Nacional Records on Sept. 04th.

Here's a couple of highlights off La Randolina...

La Radiolina "Rainin in Paradize" (mp3)
from "La Radiolina"
by Manu Chao
(Nacional Records)
Buy at Manu Chao Pre-Order Store
More On This Album

La Radiolina "Me Llaman Calle" (mp3)
from "La Radiolina"
by Manu Chao
(Nacional Records)
Buy at Manu Chao Pre-Order Store
More On This Album

August 20, 2007

{Eastern Promises}


David Cronenberg's forthcoming film Eastern Promises follows the ruthless Nikolai (Viggo Mortensen), who is tied to one of London's most notorious organized crime families. When he crosses paths with Anna (Naomi Watts), an innocent midwife trying to right a wrong, who accidentally uncovers potential evidence against the family.

View the Trailer here or right here...

{David Dondero}


David Dondero's forthcoming album Simple Love will officially release tomorrow (Aug.21st). This is David’s second release for Conor Oberst’s Team Love Records, and the follow up to 2005's South of the South album. Dondero is known for his clever word play and sarcastic humor (as represented in the album title) about some of life’s most sensitive subjects.

Have a listen to two of the best tracks off Simple Love...

"Rothko Chapel"

"When the Heart Breaks Deep"

Pre-order Simple Love here

{Richard Hawley}


Richard Hawley’s fifth album titled Lady’s Bridge, released today (Aug. 20th) in the UK. The first single, “Tonight the Streets Are Ours” is amongst the best tracks Hawley has written.

Listen to: "Tonight the Streets Are Ours" (and also "Roll River Roll" and "Lady’s Bridge") courtesy of Obscure Sound.

Here's the video...

{Harold and Kumar 2}


Here's a teaser trailer for the Harold & Kumar sequel, once again featuring Neil Patrick Harris. The movie has had it's share of delays and title changes, but will tentatively open next spring.

View the Teaser Trailer...

August 17, 2007

{Rilo Kiley}


Rilo Kiley's forthcoming album Under the Blacklight began streaming over on their MySpace today!

Hear the album in it's entirety over at Rilo Kiley's MySpace

Pre-order Under the Blacklight here

{Sunset Junction}


Just a reminder to all you locals that Sunset Junction takes place this weekend.

Here's the line-up:
Sat. August 18th
Renee Dawson, Division Day, The Pity Party, The Parson Red Heads, Culver City Dub Collective, The Broken West, Sea Wolf, Autolux, Blonde Redhead, Ben Harper, Crosby Tyler, Ritmo Flamenco, Bobby Matos, Raks Majnoun, Renaissance, The Emotions, Deniece Williams, Morris Day & The Time, Silverlake Conservatory of Music, DJ Sloe Poke, The Lions, Breakestra, Sy Smith, Medusa, Jesse de la Pena

Sun. August 19th
Tawny Ellis, Eskimohunter, The Movies, The Airborne Toxic Event, The Aggrolites, The Bronx, Hot Hot Heat, Buzzcocks, She Wants Revenge, Cuahtemoc, Mesmera, Vilma Diaz, Thelma Jones with Arthur Adams, Millie Jackson, The O’Jays, Silverlake Conservatory of Music, Eric Coleman, Balfete, Conjunto Jardin, Rocky Dawuni

Get the performance times/directions here.

August 16, 2007

{Alex Gross}


Just I'd thought you locals know that the wonderful artwork of Alex Gross (whose work you may recognize from the cover of Blonde Redhead's latest album) is on display this month at the Artist's District in Santa Ana.

Click here for more info.

{Dan in Real Life}


Dan in Real Life is a dramedy is about a widower named Dan (Steve Carell), who falls for his brother’s (Dane Cook) latest girlfriend (Juliette Binoche). Apart from mis-cast Dane Cook the trailer actually looks pretty good as Steve Carell attempts to do a more serious comedic role that eventually all good comics do (such as: Will Ferrell, Jim Carrey, Robin Williams, Tom Hanks, Adam Sandler, etc). Look for Dan in Real Life in theaters on October 19th.

View the Trailer

August 15, 2007



Here's another great summer jam from Common's new album Finding Forever.

Listen to Common (Feat. Bilal) - "Play Your Cards Right" Parasite Gods

Purchase finding Forever here

August 14, 2007

{Brett Dennen}


Singer-songwriter Brett Dennen will be playing a FREE SHOW at the grand opening at The District in Tustin this coming friday (Aug.17th)!

Brett Dennen's latest album So Much More was undoubtedly one of my favorite listens of last year, boasting one of my favorite songs in recent years ("Ain't No Reason"). His uplifting delivery leaves me with a sense of comfort usually reserved for the likes of a Ron Sexsmith album.

This Free Performance will take place on The District Stage (just outside of Borders Books & Music) at 9pm.

Have a listen to a couple of the highlights from So Much More...

"Ain't No Reason"

"There is So Much More"

Here's another great tune from Brett Dennen's self-titled debut...

"All We Have"

Order Brett Dennen's albums here.

August 13, 2007



"Two robots who journey across a mythic American landscape of haunting, surreal beauty on a quest to become human" is the official description attached to Daft Punk's second full-length feature titled Electroma.

Oddly enough, the music featured in the film is not by Daft Punk whatsoever. Daft Punk's Electroma is now screening in select theaters on the East Coast, but the rest of us can look for it on DVD in September.

Visit the official site here.

Listen to some Daft Punk tunes via Hype Machine.

Here's the Teaser...

Here's "The Burning Man" clip...

Here's a sad clip (when you see the story you'll see why)...

*********SPOILER ALERT********

This the full story in 170 frames...

{Be Kind, Rewind}


Ever since Comic Con (nearly two weeks ago) I've been searching for a decent quality trailer for this forthcoming Michel Gondry (Eternal Sunshine, Human Nature) film. Until late last week the only video that surfaced online was a pretty bad bootleg recorded by a fan at Comic-Con, but now the official trailer has arrived.

The plot goes something like this...Jerry (Jack Black) inadvertently causes his brain to become magnetized, leading to the unintentional destruction of all the movies in his friend's (Mos Def) store. In order to keep the store's one loyal customer, an elderly lady with a tenuous grasp on reality, the pair re-create a long line of films including The Lion King, Rush Hour, Ghostbusters, When We Were Kings, Back to the Future, Driving Miss Daisy, and Robocop. Look for Be Kind, Rewind in theaters December 21st.

View the trailer right here.

{Late Night Sounds Summer Dance Mix '07 Part II}


The Late Night Sounds is a (roughly 30 min.) monthly mixtape I put together of some under-the-radar artists, both past and present.

Like the month of August, Part II of the LNS Summer Dance Mix is hot! Part II features: a jazzy house classic from Aly-Us, classic post punk from Orange Juice, a Spanish hip-hop from Mexican Institute of Sound, rockabilly from Tommy Blake, soul from The Go! Team, electro from Digitalism, funky soul from Lyn Collins, Bollywood disco from Bappi Lahiri (which you may recognize from M.I.A.'s forthcoming album), Latin flavored hip-hop from RJD2, and geek rap from MC Chris. Give it a listen or just checkout the artists on your own...

Mp3: Late Night Sounds Summer Dance Mix '07 (Part II)


1. Aly-Us - "Follow Me" (Edit)

2. Orange Juice - "Blokes on 45"

3. Mexican Institute of Sound - "Escribeme Pronto"

4. Tommy Blake - "Sweetie Pie"

5. The Go! Team - "Wrath of Marcie" (Get the download from Good Weather For Airstrikes)

6. Digitalism - "Homezone" (Get the download from Mewzick)

7. Lyn Collins - "Think (About it)" (Get the download from Audio.Out)

8. Bappi Lahiri - "Jimmy Aaja" (Get the download from Gorilla Vs Bear)

9. RJD2 - "1976" (Get the download from Mog)

10. MC Chris - "Ratz"

August 08, 2007

{The Coral}


The Coral's new album Roots & Echoes is now available for listening online! Thealbum was recorded in the country studio of Noel Gallagher, using all his vintage gear, which gives way to a slightly more polished sound. This time around The Coral's trademark psychedlia sound is accompanied by some sentimental ballads too.

Listen to Roots & Echoes in it's entirety here!

Purchase the album here.

Here's the vidoe for "Who's Gonna Find Me"...

August 07, 2007

{Josh Ritter}


Josh Ritter's forthcoming album The Historical Conquests Of Josh Ritter is a bit more rock and roll than anything he's ever done, but fear not long-time fans there's plenty to keep you happy too. Checkout "Temptation Of Adam", "Right Moves", "To the Dogs or Whoever", "Still Beating", or "Empty Hearts" for some great Josh Ritter tunes.

Listen to "Right Moves" courtesy of Bag of Songs, "Rumors" courtesy of I Am Fuel, You Are Friends or "Temptation of Adam" courtesy of Cafe Eclectica!

Listen to FULL TRACKS as well as clips from the album from The Historical Conquests Of Josh Ritter!

Pre-order the album here.

Here's a video teaser...



There's this great old saying..."Para todo mal, mezcal. Para todo bien, mezcal." Which translates for everything bad, mescal - and for everything good, mescal.

In a cantina in Oaxaca (in the mythical town of Parián) all roads converge in a collision of woes soothed and encouraged by the strong drink known as mezcal. Mothers mourn departed children. Children ask parents to report the strange visions they get from drinking mezcal. The elderly long for death. Estranged couples try to make amends. A brother seeks sweet vengeance for a sibling after decades have passed. Townspeople wander around aimlessly singing funeral hymns. As the story unfolds, unlikely fates are revealed.

Director Ignacio Ortiz takes a surrealistic approach through the back roads of the Mexican subconscious, swerving in and out of past and present without any real promise of the future. Mezcal was the winner of 6 Ariels (Mexican Oscars) back in 2005 when it was originally released and is due to release stateside in select theaters soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

View the trailer here...

{John Vanderslice}


John Vanderslice has just released his sixth solo album (on Barsuk Records) titled Emerald City. The native Floridian singer/songwriter questions existence after 9/11.

You can find some new tracks over on the Hype Machine or stream the album in it's entirety Right Here!

August 06, 2007

{I Want Someone To Eat Cheese With}


Fans of Curb Your Enthusiasm will probably be interested in comedian Jeff Garlin's forthcoming film titled I Want Someone To Eat Cheese With. Carlin, who plays Larry David’s manager on Curb, wrote, directed, and stars in this independent comedy about a man, the food he loves, and the woman who tortures him. The film co-stars Bonnie Hunt and Sarah Silverman, with appearances from Amy Sedaris and Dan Castellaneta. I Want Someone To Eat Cheese With opens in select theatres on September 5th.

View the trailer here or right here...

August 05, 2007

{Roddy Woomble}


I gotta start this entry off by noting that one of my favorite concert experiences of all-time was seeing Idlewild perform an intimite acoustic set at Hotel Cafe in L.A. a few years back. These days Roddy Woomble (lead singer of Idlewild) has released his solo debut titled My Secret is my Silence, which was released overseas awhile back. I must admit at the time when I heard a few tracks (upon it's UK release) it didn't really click for me. It wasn't until recently when their media team sent his album to me that I listened to the whole thing in it's entirety that I was blown away! My Secret is my Silence has been on my regular rotation for the past couple of weeks and is slowly itching it's way unto my favorite albums of the year list.

My Secret is my Silence just recently got it's stateside release and some of the songs bring to mind (to me anyhow) the music from the film Once, which in turn has given me a much greater appreciation for this album due to it's male/female vocal harmonies (courtesy of Kate Rusby). I feel compelled to mention that this is a folk album. It showcases another side of Roddy Woomble that we've never been introduced to. It sounds nothing like Idlewild, so don't expect it to. He has definitely come a long way from his punk beginings when he used to punch out his teeth with his guitar onstage and I kinda feel like I've grown up with him.

Here's a couple of my favorite tracks...

"Waverley Steps"

"Act IV"

Hear more from Roddy Woomble's MySpace.

Purchase My Secret is my Silence here.

Here's a live acoustic peformance of "My Secret Is My Silence"...

August 02, 2007

{Iron Man}


Jon Favreau debuted a trailer for his forthcoming Iron Man film at Comic Con and trying to track down footage that hasn't been removed has proved a difficult task, but alas I found some bootleg footage. Enjoy.

View over 4 minutes of footage courtesy of The Blemish!

Also, view footage Comic Con's unveiling of the suit with Jon Favreau, Robert Downey Jr., and Stan Winston...

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