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If you've got $100 to piss away then this might interest you...

Limited edition USB flash drives containing The White Stripes new album, Icky Thump will be released on June 19th. The figures have removable hats that reveal a USB port. Each USB 2.0 flash drive has a 512-megabyte capacity and are Windows and Mac compatible. The Jack and Meg figures are available separately, or if you're a big spender you can purchase the set at a discount. There will be 3,333 Meg drives and 3,333 Jack drives made.

Pre-order here.


The hype has been building around The White Stripes forthcoming album Icky Thump (officially out on June 19th) on all around the music blogs lately. Now you can hear for yourself!

You can get the new track "Rag and Bone" courtesy of Both Sides of the Mouth.

If you have a Windows machine, you can stream the album in it's entirety courtesy of MTV

Also here's the video for "Icky Thump", in case you still haven't seen it...


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Sweet. Did you hear about a radio station playing the whole album plus an internet leaked song and jack white calling from Spain to yell at the station?

I think everyone one is going to hear this album before it comes out! ha!

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