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Meadowlands is Showtime's new psychological thriller. You can catch the first episode online right now! Meadowlands follows a British family in a witness relocation program, who soon encounter the dangers they were on the lamb from.

Mica over at Showtime was kind enough to send me the first four episodes and after viewing them I am anxious to see how the show unfolds. Episode 1 starts off a little slow, but it sets up the story quite nice. Episode 2 is where the series really picks, and Episode 3 and 4 are totally intriguing. I can't wait to see how this all plays out.

For a good overview of the show with clip of interviews with the cast and creators, watch this...

View Episode 1 right here (the password is: secret)

For more visit the official Meadowlands site


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Excellent series - I've seen the first four episodes, too - The Prisoner on Twin Peaks, with a maybe a little Dexter peeking in ... Meadowlands Opens - with Tongues and Grooves...

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