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{I Am Legend}


I Am Legend (based on the novel from Richard Matheson) stars Will Smith, who just might be the last man on earth. The movie has some Independance Day-type shots, but Will Smith isn't doing his usual comedic shtick so this might be worth viewing. I've heard great things about the novel so I'm not sure if the film will measure up. I'm going to be picking up the book this week and then I believe I'll have more of an opinion.

Here's the synopsis: In 2006, the KV virus is developed in a laboratory, but the virus mutates out of control, changing the world’s population into bloodthirsty creatures. Three years later, former military scientist Robert Neville (Will Smith) is working in Manhattan, since quarantined, to develop a cure for the pandemic. Neville finds himself to be the only uninfected human on the island, if not the world. I Am Legend is scheduled for a December release.


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