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{The Spirit Awards}


Do you like independent film as much as we do? Well I don't know about that, but The Spirit Awards are airing this saturday on IFC and they do an excellent job of bringing attention to independent films. Being the dork...I mean cinephile that I am I make a huge deal out of it. I vote, I cook up some good eats, and I pick-up some pricey liquor. This must be what a sports fanatic feels like when the super bowl comes around? Sarah Silverman will be hosting so you know they'll be plenty of inappropriate jokes. There will also be a Special Distinction Award to be given to David Lynch and Laura Dern so you may want to tune in.

See the nominees here


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Hi J and Q I was just listening to your Feb. Late Night Sounds Podcast and I like a lot of the songs on there... Do you guys happen to still have the playlist for that particular podcast! hope all's swell!

love daniel

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