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{Hostel 2}


This is the eerie bare breasted poster (of Bijou Phillips) unveiled last week at the New York Comic Con.

On a panel Eli Roth Talked candidly about Tarantino, Hostel II, The Cell, and The 'Splat Pack'. Here's a funny excerpt...

Eli Roth: "Right after I finished Hostel, I asked Guillermo del Toro if I should do a big budget or a low budget movie next. So he just goes (in his best del Toro accent): 'Whatever gives you the biggest boner man. You've got to wake up with a f**kin' rager, because if you don't have a boner you can't work.' And I thought, 'He's right.' You have to be that excited about the project you're doing ... and that was Hostel II."

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Wow..... thats pretty gross. :/

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