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Lots of new (possibly good, but maybe not) films released on DVD today, here's the rundown...

{The Illusionist}

Neil Burger's thriller centers on an illusionist (Edward Norton) who falls for an aristocrat (Jessica Biel) well above his social standing. When the Crown Prince (Rufus Sewell) emloys the Chief Inspector (Paul Giamatti) to unveil him as a fraud the real mystery begins.

The Illusionist Trailer


To test its top secret Human Hibernation Project picks an Army private (Luke Wilson) and a prostitute (Maya Rudolph) and sends them 1,000 years into the future after a series of freak events. Only when they arrive, they find a civilization so dumbed-down that they're the smartest people around. Mike Judge and Etan Cohen ("Beavis and Butthead") reteamed for this one.

Idiocracy Trailer

{Conversations with Other Women}

Sparks fly at a wedding reception when a man (Aaron Eckhart) and a woman (Helena Bonham Carter) with a mysterious past are reunited in a bittersweet tale inventively shot in split screen.

Conversations with Other Women Trailer


This cheesy western stars hotties Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz as an unlikely celebrated bank robbers. Steve Zahn, Joseph D. Reitman, Sam Shepard and Dwight Yoakam co-star.

Bandidas Trailer


Magdalena's (Emily Rios) 15th birthday finds her comfortable existence shattered by the discovery that she's pregnant. Cast out by her parents, tshe finds safe haven with a great-granduncle in this '06 Sundance Film Festival award winner.

Quinceanera Trailer

{The Night Listener}

Reality blurs with fiction in this psychological thriller adapted from Armistead Maupin's novel about writer and radio host Gabriel Noone (Robin Williams). While Gabriel's romantic life falls apart he receives a manuscript from a troubled young fan (Rory Culkin) and the drama unfolds. Based on a true story this co-stars Toni Collette and Sandra Oh.

The Night Listener Trailer


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As if I didn't spend enough time watching movies. :)

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