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{The Lost Room}


Did anyone catch part one of Sci Fi Channel’s The Lost Room miniseries last night? Let's do a quick re-cap then, shall we.

Plot Summary (thus far):
Homicide detective Joe Miller (Peter Krause) stumbles upon a key that turns any door into a gateway to a mysterious motel room that’s been frozen in time. Whoever holds the key is able to access the room from anywhere, and no matter what you do inside it (sleep in the bed, set fire to the carpet, etc.) the room always “resets” itself to its original configuration the next time you enter.

We haven't been clued in to all the details, but we do know that something very bad happened in Room 10 of the Sunshine Motel, outside Gallup, New Mexico. The repercussions have been destroying lives and twisting reality ever since. Room 10 and many of it's seemingly ordinary objects (a pen, a comb, and so on) have unique abilities. The pen burns things from the inside out. The comb stops time for five seconds when you run it through your hair. Just holding one of these objects makes you a target for murder and legions have formed to collect all the objects...some for power, others to prevent them from being used.

Part Two of The Lost Room airs tonight. The mini-series stars (2006 Emmy nominee for Six Feet Under) Peter Krause, Julianna Margulies, Kevin Pollak, Margaret Cho, and Elle Fanning.

Visit Sci-Fi's Lost Room page to catch clips, learn more about the objects in the lost room, and get a general rundown.


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