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Damien Jurado's sad song "Ohio" (from 1999's Rehearsals for Departure album) is amongst my favorites. I'm also a very big fan of his last album, 2005's 'tribute to jealousy' titled On My Way To Absence.

After almost ten years, Jurado has been releasing numbers of albums, EPs, and singles. On his latest album titled And Now That I'm In Your Shadow, Jurado gets a little help from (now permanent members) Eric Fisher and Jenna Conrad. Damien is no longer a solo artist but a band, so rarely from now on will any live performance be a one man show.

In fact, the singer-songwriter's first recording sessions with a full band were so productive, there was enough material for two albums. 'Shadow' will be followed by the second (and more upbeat) batch of songs in early 2007. And Now That I'm In Your Shadow released last month, so I'm a little late getting around to this one, but better late than never.

Hear "Denton, TX" and the classic "Ohio" (Courtesy of Who Killed the Mixtape)

Here's one from Secretly Canadian Records...

"What Were the Chances"

Here's another of my new favorites...

"There Goes Your Man"

Hear more from Damien Jurado's MySpace.


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ohio is the best!

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