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{Wedding Mix}


Normally, I don't like to get too personal here, but my wedding is just days away now and it's kinda hard to think about much else. So I thought I'd share a nice little Wedding Mix for all to enjoy...so enjoy...

Wedding Mix:

Yo La Tengo - "Our Way To Fall"

Ron Sexsmith - "Best Friends"

Beachwood Sparks - "By Your Side"

Riendeer Section - "Will You Please Be There For Me"

Ben Folds - "The Luckiest"

Ray LaMontagne - "Hold You In My Arms"

Death Cab For Cutie - "I Will Follow You Into The Dark"

David Garza - "For Keeps"

You can purchase these songs (and the albums they appear on) from iTunes.


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very much enjoyed these. congratulations and good luck!


thank you for these and congratulations!

i wish they played music like this at the weddings i go to. if i hear september by earth wind and fire one more time i think im gonna kick someone...

That Death Cab song is heartbreakingly beautiful. Never thought of it as a wedding song, but it works.

Good luck with the wedding.

Thank you for all the nice comments, truely.

great choices. our way to fall remains one of my favorite songs and definitely one of the sweetest. just breaks my heart all the time

congratulations and it will be lovely! :)

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