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{Tahiti 80}


Yes, I've mentioned Parisian indie popsters Tahiti 80 before, but they just wrapped up their US tour, in support of the stateside release of their album Fosbury and their publicity team (Plus 1 Music) would like to show their appreciation [and to those of you who have yet to come around but still ultimately might...] by sending out a remix of the single ‘Changes’. It’s been dubbed ‘Borderline Remix’ and just so you know, you won’t find it on the bonus EP that comes with the album. So this is a real exclusive blogosphere, so enjoy...

"Changes (Borderline Remix)"

Here's the neat video for the original version of "Changes", it was directed by Jonas Odell. Tahiti 80 have already had a considerable amount of success, especially in Japan were the album went double gold. The U.S. release contains two unreleased tracks, an exclusive bonus EP with three cover songs, and one remix. The group worked with the engineers for N.E.R.D. and Outkast, and you can really tell. French pop, funky beats, what's not to like? Fans of Pheonix are really gonna dig this new album.

Here's a gem from Fosbury, tell me you ain't groovin' to this one too...

"Big Day"

You can hear more from Tahiti 80's MySpace.

Order the album here.


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