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{The Great and Secret Show}


The 6th installment of a 12-part adaptation of Clive Barker's The Great and Secret Show is finally out in comic form by IDW this month. This epic was adapted by Chris Ryall (Shaun of the Dead) and so far it's made me change my ideas about Barker. I don't want to run out and watch Hellraiser or NightBreed, but I am going to buy the rest of these comics. The series sets the stage for a battle between good and evil that will span many decades and different dimensions.I almost wince when I hear the words different dimensions, but it's damn good original story telling. The series is meant for mature readers so yes there is comic nudity. Unclothed drawings or not this is definitely worth checking out, but if you don't like H P Lovecraft's imagination or Stephen King's maddening ways to make crazy evil things make sense in our world then this might not be for you.

Wikipedia has a nice breakdown of the storyline.

For other installments go here.


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