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October 31, 2006

{This is Halloween}


Everyone and their mother put together neat little Halloween music mixes, so instead of making yet another, I'll just point you in thier direction.

If you think you can stomach it, I recommend you checkout 10 of The Best Horror Movie Deaths (Courtesy of Maxim Online).

Bill Maher's costume, funny or horribly insensitive? And is this the coolest costume ever or what?

October 30, 2006

{Death of A President}


With the tagline 'Do not rush to judge', Death of A President uses preexisting footage of President George W. Bush and CGI effects help to create the scenes of his assassination. NPR and CNN have declined to run ads for the film, only adding to the hype (read about that here). The film picks up years after the assassination of President George W. Bush in Chicago, when an investigative documentary examines that as-yet-unsolved crime. The film opened in select theaters over the weekend (Oct. 27th).

View the trailer

{Amy Sedaris}


In the mood for entertaining? Well, you will be after reading (or listening to) this. Actress, author, and comedienne (and sister of author David Sedaris) Amy Sedaris has just released a new book titled I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence. It is an "entertaining guide to entertaining" and includes recipes, meal plans, decorating suggestions, music choices, conversational ice-breakers, and hospitality tips to create the perfect evening at home. Whether it's an intimate night for two or a luncheon for twenty, Sedaris offers her own advice to make guests feel welcome and the host look good. I Like You is the essential handbook for full-scale entertaining the Sedaris way.

The inspiration for I Like You came from Sedaris's own domestic expertise. A notorious baker and cook, her famous cheese balls can be bought at Gourmet Garage and her cupcakes at Joe Coffee in New York City. Sedaris covers all aspects of home entertaining. Chapters titles include: A Greek Dinner Date; Grieving; Entertaining Children; A Rich Uncle Comes to Visit; Baby Shower; The Elderly; Cooking for Oneself; Picnic; and a variety of courtships, such as dating a hunter, a dieter, or an alcoholic. All chapters contain tips, hits and misses, and end with a critical evaluation of the event or a letter from a guest. Here's some audio clips (courtesy of her website)...


"Introduction (Continued)"

Planning A Party

Party Log; Grieving

"Grieving (Continued)"

"Recipe for Paul's Zucchini Fritters; Amy's Success Story (cupcake business)"

Her site also gives this bit of advice to those reluctant to purchase her book...

Dear Reluctant Shopper,
Welcome to my flap. If you are reading this, I can only assume that you're hesitating to buy this book. Maybe you're thinking I don't know anything about this book; I would like more information. Should I buy it based solely on the exceptionally striking cover shot? Well, that's a good enough reason for me. Do I really need to add that there's a secret poster you can see only after the book is purchased? A poster that involves plenty of skin and would make a perfect addition to any basement rec room? Why are you still reading?

Here's a recent (hilarious) clip of Amy Sedaris pluging her new book and chugging sangria on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Order I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence here.

Read an interview with Sedaris discusing her book, her 25 cent display table, and Strangers with Candy here.

{Gary Lucas' Gods & Monsters}


Thanks to Andy (over at PAI Media) for sending me a copy of Gary Lucas' Gods and Monsters new album titled Coming Clean. Gary is best known for being part of Captain Beefheart and playing with Jeff Buckley. On his new album (the first new Gary Lucas and Gods & Monsters album in some time) he not only showcases his talents, but he also plays with David Johansen of New York Dolls, offers a treatment of a song he co-wrote with Jeff Buckley, as well as a Springsteen song. It also doesn't hurt that his band's players are from Television, Swans and Modern Lovers.

The new album features Gary on guitar and vocals along with Ernie Brooks (Modern Lovers) on bass, Billy Ficca (Television) and Jonathan Kane (Swans) on drums, with special guest vocalists David Johansen (New York Dolls), French superstar Elli Medeiros, and Richard Barone. Here's a couple of highlights...

"Fata Morgana"

"One Man's Meat" (Featuring David Johansen)

Ok, one more...

"Spirit Moves"

You can hear more from Gods and Monsters : Coming Clean MySpace.

Order the album (and preview all the tracks) here.

October 25, 2006

{12 and Holding}


This is a re-post of a few films just released on DVD...

This just might be the scariest (and best) film you're likely to see this year. 12 and Holding explores the complexities of children losing their innocence and adults struggling to guide them. In the suburbs of America, three 12-year-olds, introverted Jacob (Conor Donovan), precocious Malee (Zoe Weizenbaum), and vulnerable Leonard (Jesse Camacho) begin a path of self-discovery.

View the trailer

{The Road To Guantanamo}


Part drama, part documentary, The Road to Guantánamo focuses on four British mates who embark on a wedding trip with and side adventure, only to find themselves held in Guantanamo Bay for two years until they were released without charge. The film is directed by Michael Winterbottom (9 Songs, Code 46, 24 Hour Party People, Wonderland) and Mat Whitecross.

View the trailer

{Big Love}


Big Love is HBO's drama about a polygamous family starring Bill Paxton, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Chloë Sevigny and Ginnifer Goodwin. Season 1 has just been released on DVD.

View clips

{Cocaine Cowboys}


Here's another trailer I found in my inbox...

The cocaine trade of the 70s and 80s had an indelible impact on contemporary Miami. Smugglers and distributors forever changed a once sleepy retirement community into one of the worlds most glamorous hot spots, the epicenter of a $20 billion annual business fed by Colombias Medellin cartel. By the early 80s, Miamis tripled homicide rate had made it the murder capital of the country, for which a Time cover story dubbed the city Paradise Lost. With Cocaine Cowboys, filmmaker Billy Corben puts together an interesting documentary of a cultural explosion that still echoes as Hollywood myth, evidenced by the latest manifestation. The film opens in select theaters July 27th.

See the Cocaine Cowboys MySpace for more info.

October 24, 2006


Okay, no more Borat after this I swear! Right now though, go watch the first four minutes of the film! Also, checkout Ain't It Cool News to see four deleted scenes. Borat opens nationwide November 3rd.



Columbian trip-hop/rock duo Aterciopelados new album Oye hit shelves today (October 24th). Aterciopelados Co-founders Andrea Echeverri and Hector Buitrago both released attention-grabbing solo albums this past year, which built anticipation for this new studio album. Aterciopelados will kick off major in the U.S. tour in October and will return to the States for additioal dates in 2007. Here's a preview...


Hear more from Aterciopelados MySpace.

{Los Amigos Invisibles}


Also...somehow Los Amigos Invisibles latest slipped through my radar. Initially realeased in their native country in 2005, the album titled Super Pop Venezuela is a collection of obscure Venezuelan covers songs. The album was released stateside in August 2006 by Luaka Bop/Gozadera records. Super Pop Venezuela (the 5th album) finds influence in funk, Venezuelan pop, and alternative music from 60s 70s and 80s, all with a little the help from DJ/producer Dimitri from Paris. Have a listen...

"Yo No Se"

Hear more from Los Amigos Invisibles MySpace.

{We Go Way Back}


I recently got this trailer in my inbox...

On her 23rd birthday, Kate (Amber Hubert) opens a letter that she wrote as a precocious adolescent to her imaginary grown-up self. The letter asks, "Are you happy?" Obviously not. Kate moves in a dreamlike state, passive and indifferent as Jiffy muffins burn and various men take advantage of her. Throughout, we hear 13-year-old Kate's voice echo in adult Kate's thoughts. Eventually, the young Kate character (Maggie Brown) makes an appearance, leading to a moving confrontation.

See the We Go Way Back MySpace for more info.

October 23, 2006



Another album on heavy rotation is Squarepusher's latest Hello Everything. The album is filled with jazz influenced electronic ("Theme From Sprite", "Bubble Life") and 120bpm experimental-vibe electronic numbers ("The Modern Bass Guitar", "Planetarium"), all which you'd come to expect if your a fan of his work.

Other highlights include the jittery synth heavy “Hello Meow” and the surprisingly somewhat melodic "Welcome to Europe". Fans of Aphex Twin may like this one alot. Have a listen...

"Welcome to Europe"

Also checkout these standout tracks:
"Theme from Sprite"
"Planatarium" (Courtesy of Flood Watch Music)

And "The Modern Bass Guitar" (Courtesy of The White Noise Revisited)

Order the album here.

Here's a live video of "Hello Meow" from Squarepusher at Koko in London.

{The Good German}


In post-war Berlin an AMerican journalist seeks out a former mistress and is lured into a murder mystery. The film is directed by Steven Soderbergh and stars George Clooney, Cate Blanchett, and Tobey Maguire. The Good German is scheduled for a nationwide November 22nd release.

View the trailer.



Five Men In A Hut is a retrospective album that looks back over the career of Mercury Prize-winning indie-blues band. For the uninitiated, this is a good introduction to the band's back catalogue. However, it should be noted that this is not a Best Of, but a collection of their singles, flipsides and unreleased tracks from their Virgin/Hut period (1998-2004). With 36 tracks this collection does feature some (though not all) of Gomez' best work and all three lead vocalists are represented. The album also features two unreleased tracks "Old China" and "Diskoloadout". Here's the tracklisting...

Disc One
1. Whipping Piccadilly 2. The Best In Town 3. Catch Me Up 4. Pick Up The Pieces 5. Royalty 6. We Haven't Turned Around 7. Coltrane 8. ZYX 9. Step Inside 10. 78 Stone Wobble 11. Flight 12. Champagne For Monkeys 13. Blind 14. Old School Shirts 15. Sweet Virginia 16. Air Hostess Song 19. Old China

Disc Two
1. Rhythm and Blues Alibi 2. Silhouettes 3. Dire Tribe 4. Bring It On 5. Mississippi Bo Weevil Blues 6. Butterfly 7. Silence 8. PUssyfootin' 9. Shot Shot 10. Chickenbones 11. So 12. Tanglin 13. Get Myself Arrested 14. Sound Of Sounds 15. M57 16. Pop Juice 17. Diskoloadout

Here's a couple of my favorites...

"78 Stone Shuffle"

"Sound of Sounds"

Also hear "Whippin' Piccadilly (Turbo Version)" and "We Haven't Turned Around" (Courtsey of The Yellow Stereo

And here's a bonus unreleased track...
"Old China"

Order the album here.

This is the cool video for for "Shot Shot".

October 20, 2006


Oh, I'm feeling this alright. Tracks from Beck's new album The Information can be found all over the glorious Hype Machine.



Killshot is a Quentin Tarantino presentation from director John Madden ("Shakespeare in Love") comes Hossein Amini's adaptation of Elmore Leonard's best-selling crime novel. In the story Carmen Colson (Diane Lane) and her husband Wayne (Thomas Jane) become entangled in a scam with a small time con artist (Joseph Gordon Levitt) and his over-the-hill hitman partner the Blackbird (Mickey Rourke). Ultimately, it all comes down to one wife, one husband, two killers...and one lethal killshot. The film stars Diane Lane (Unfaithful, The Outsiders), Thomas Jane (Thursday, Under Suspicion), Joseph Gordon Levitt (Brick, Mysterious Skin), Mickey Rourke (Sin City, Diner), Rosario Dawson (25th Hour, Sin City), and Johnny Knoxville. The film has been yanked from its October 20th release date. No new date has been announced yet (you can however, add it to your Netflix queue) so keep your eyes peeled for his one.

View the trailer

October 19, 2006

{Hot Fuzz}


Hey, recognize these guys? That's of Shaun of the Dead stars Nick Frost and Simon Pegg. I guess it's no surprise, seeing as this film is brought to us by the makers of Shaun of the Dead. The movie also stars (surprise, surprise) Bill Nighy and Steve Coogan (24 Hour Party People, Coffee and Cigarettes).

Hot Fuzz is the story of a police Constable (Nicholas Angel) who is good at his job, so good in fact, he makes everyone else look bad. As a result, his superiors have decided to sweep him under the carpet. So London's top cop finds himself in the sleepy West Country village of Sandford. With neighborhood watch meetings replacing the action of the city, Angel struggles to adapt to his situation and finds himself partnered with oafish, but well meaning Constable (Danny Butterman). Just as all seems lost, a series of grisly accidents motivate the constable into action. Convinced of foul play, he realizes that Sandford may not be as idyllic as it seems and sets out to uncover the truth about the town.

View Trailer Teaser 1 and Trailer Teaser 2.

{Lost Season 3}


Let's get Lost for a moment, shall we. Fellowship of the Chain Ring recently posted The Top Ten Signs that Lost has “Jumped the Shark” (that's that defining moment when you realize your favorite show has reached it's peak). Now before you get all twisted, this Top Ten is just for kicks and nobody is suggesting that Lost has lost it's edge...at least not yet. Number 2 on the list is my favorite (2. At the beginning of season 4, Jack is mysteriously no longer played by Matthew Fox, but by Matthew Perry, and none of the characters seem to notice the change), but they left out Hurley getting his own spinoff sitcom simply titled Hurley.

Now, watch the mother of all DHARMA Initiative videos (Hanso Exposed) for more answers...if you don't want answers then perhaps you shouldn't watch this.

And here's the Canadian preview (different from the stateside preview) of next weeks Sawyer-centric episode titled Every Man For Himself.

October 18, 2006

{Badly Drawn Boy}

badly drawn boy-album.jpg

I was a bit skeptical when I first heard Badly Drawn Boy's new album Born in the U.K. After five great albums, I naturally began to think that BDB's well might finally be running dry, but the boy has proved me wrong and done it again!

Afer recording twenty below-par songs last year (with producer Stephen Street), Badly Drawn Boy (aka Damon Gough) made his apologies to Street, junked the whole thing, and started fresh with Nick Franglen of Lemon Jelly. The result is a pretty joyous affair, with all the usual BDB pop hallmarks. The upbeat country-tinged "The Way Things Used To Be" is an instantaneously catchy tune. "Welcome To the Overground" sounds like it's straight out of some rock musical, and "Nothing's Going To Change Your Mind" is what Gough admits is his Burt Bacharach moment. Other highlights include the dreamy piano pop tunes "Without A Kiss" and "Promises". In all, Born in the U.K. is another batch of heartfelt songs of love, loss, optimism, and the messiness of life. Have a listen...

"The Way Things Used To Be"

Also checkout:
"One Last Dance"
"Nothing's Gonna Change Your Mind" (Courtesy of Pop Tarts Suck Toasted)

And hear "Promises" from BDB's MySpace.

Order the album here.

October 17, 2006



This is a re-post of a few films just released on DVD. If you've seen this already, look away...

Marc Stevens’ world goes profoundly and utterly wrong. When his car breaks down in the middle of the isolated backcountry, he’s forced to seek refuge in a rural inn. Marc is taken in by Bartel, a lonely and psychologically fragile innkeeper who promises to help. But when Marc catches him dismantling his car, he realizes that the innkeeper has other plans for him. Fabrice Du Welz directs this gruesome French horror.

View the trailer here.

{The Puffy Chair}


The Puffy Chair is a simple yet strangely elegant story of a man trying to get his father the perfect birthday gift and the strange events that he, his girlfriend and his tag-along brother encounter along the way.

View the trailer

The indie-heavy soundtrack features music from: Death Cab, Decibully, Spoon, Saturday Looks Good To Me, Matt Pond PA, and Of Montreal. Stream the tracks from The Puffy Chair's MySpace.

Here's a couple of tracks:

Matt Pond PA - "Closer" (Courtesy of bands' site)

Of Montreal - "Disconnect The Dots" (Courtesy of Polyvinyl Records)

{Art School Confidential}


Starting from childhood attempts at illustration, the protagonist pursues his true obsession to art school. But as he learns how the art world really works, he finds that he must adapt his vision to the reality that confronts him. The film is directed by Terry Zwigoff (director of Ghost World) and written by Daniel Clowes (author of Ghost World).

View the trailer here.

{Freddy Fender}


Last week (October 14th) Tejano, country, and rock and roll singer Freddy Fender passed away due to lung cancer. My parents were always quite fond of him and I can recall hearing his music playing around the house growing up.

Fender was a solo artist early in his career, then in the '80s he teamed up with fellow Tex-Mex musicians Doug Sahm, Flaco Jimenez, and Augie Myers to form the Tex-Mex supergroup the Texas Tornados. In the late '90s, Fender joined another supergroup, Los Super Seven, with Joe Ely, David Hidalgo and Cesar Rosas (of Los Lobos), Flaco Jimenez, Ruben Ramos, and Rick Trevino. Here's a few of his more popular solo recordings...

"Before The Next Teardrop Falls"

"Wasted Days and Wasted Nights"

"Vaya Con Dios"


Order Freddy Fender's albums here.

October 16, 2006

{Jeff Tweedy}


Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy will release Sunken Treasure: Live in the Pacific Northwest next week (October 24th). Recorded over five nights during his February 2006 solo acoustic tour, the first ever Jeff Tweedy solo DVD features footage gathered from concerts at Seattle’s Moore Theater, Portland’s Crystal Ballroom, Eugene’s McDonald Theater, Arcata’s Humboldt State University, and The Fillmore in San Francisco. The disc features songs from Wilco, Uncle Tupelo, and Loose Fur, including the fabulous unreleased song “The Thanks I Get” The audio tracks of all the songs featured on the DVD will be available for anyone who purchases Sunken Treasure to download for free. This option will be available through the disc itself, by putting it into your computer.

Watch the trailer here.

Pre-order the DVD (and checkout the tracklisting) here.

Here's a Video Clip of “The Thanks I Get” from Sunken Treasure: Live in the Pacific Northwest.


This is Borat’s Speech from The Cine Expo in Amsterdam.. it's quite funny.

October 13, 2006

{Daytrotter Sessions}


I told you they were gonna bring the hip-hop...P.O.S. (of Rhymesayers and Doomtree) will be featured next weeks on Daytrotter. You can get a sneak peek of the session here.

Also, checkout this week's Daytrotter Session featuring (the latest signee to V2 Records) Langhorne Slim. The fantastic 4-song session includes two brand new/unreleased songs that will appear on his V2 debut in the spring and another new song only available online through eMusic and iTunes.

{13 Tzameti}


Now that's what I call intense! 13 (Tzameti) is Gela Babluani's black-and-white neo noir film about a game of Russian roulette taken to an extreme new level. This film has already picked up numerous awards at various film festivals and sparked an interest by plenty of studios to do an American remake. Babluani is currently working on adapting an American version.

For more info go here.

October 12, 2006

{10 Things You Don't Know About Women}

A new episode of The Office airs tonight, but I recently came across this hilarious viideo starring Steve Carrell and the cast and crew of The Office in A Recital of 10 Things You Don't Know About Women by Jenna Fischer. Here's a couple of my favorite passages..."pms is real, it’s chemical, and it sucks. If someone told you that every 30 days you were going to get jacked repeatedly in the nuts, you’d be pissy around day 26 too!" There's also the 'You Will Get Laid' segment, as in..."If you act excited about the bath mat we bought at Target...you will get laid." Funny stuff.

Miss last weeks episode of The Office, get the two-minute replay plus some hilarious deleted scenes here.

Also, in the department of funny Fellowship of the Chain Ring posted a comical segment called Top Ten Signs that Lost Has “Jumped the Shark”... that's that defining moment when you know your favorite television program has reached it's peak. Number 2 is my favorite, it reads "At the beginning of season 4, Jack is mysteriously no longer played by Matthew Fox, but by Matthew Perry, and none of the characters seem to notice the change". They left off Hurley getting his own spinoff sitcom, simply titled Hurley.

Miss last night's episode of Lost, watch it here.

{The Great and Secret Show}


The 6th installment of a 12-part adaptation of Clive Barker's The Great and Secret Show is finally out in comic form by IDW this month. This epic was adapted by Chris Ryall (Shaun of the Dead) and so far it's made me change my ideas about Barker. I don't want to run out and watch Hellraiser or NightBreed, but I am going to buy the rest of these comics. The series sets the stage for a battle between good and evil that will span many decades and different dimensions.I almost wince when I hear the words different dimensions, but it's damn good original story telling. The series is meant for mature readers so yes there is comic nudity. Unclothed drawings or not this is definitely worth checking out, but if you don't like H P Lovecraft's imagination or Stephen King's maddening ways to make crazy evil things make sense in our world then this might not be for you.

Wikipedia has a nice breakdown of the storyline.

For other installments go here.

October 11, 2006



Ok, first off let's just take a look at these awesome posters.



For those of you unaware, Grindhouse is the forthcoming double-feature from Robert Rodriguez (his zombie flick is titled "Planet Terror") and Quentin Tarantino (his blood bath segment titled "Death Proof"). It's filmed in classic B-rated glory. If this movie is as cool as that trailer is, then I can't hardly wait. Machete and The Crazy Babysitter Twins are badass indeed. Like the posters note the film hits theaters April 6th. Enough words, watch the trailer now...

{The Decemberists}


Did you catch those Decemberists tracks that didn't quite make it on The Crane Wife album? Well, Yellow Stereo posted "After the Bombs" and "Culling of the Fold" so go grab 'em while you still can.

Also, Interpretations Diverses posted the incredibly long song (from The Crane WIfe) "The Island- Come & See/The Landlord’s Daughter/You’ll Not Feel The Drowning".

Order The Crane Wife here.

October 10, 2006



The problem Electronic faced was surely living up to expectation. Johnny Marr (The Smiths) and Bernard Sumner (New Order) might have tried to portray the band as two friends from Manchester getting together to make music every now and again, but there’s no getting away from the fact that they are two giants of music. You put these two in a group together and add part-time members The Pet Shop Boys into the mix and you're gonna expect amazing things.

Rhino Records just released Get The Message: The Best of Electronic, which collect some of the duo's pop gems from the albums they released over the years. Originally Electronic were never supposed to have had much to do with jangly guitars. The group name was a clear indication of that. I tend to favor the first half of the collection which features some of their early dancefied stuff and The Pet Shop Boys collaborations "Disappointed", which was released as a single and never featured on any Electronic album, and "Getting Away With It". Here's a couple of gems from Electronic's 1996 album Raise the Pressure...

"Forbidden City"

"Second Nature"

Here's a bonus track (from Electronic's 1991 self-titled debut album) not featured on the Best of...


You can hear more from this Electronic MySpace.

{Lost Season 3}


Did you catch last weeks premiere of Lost? Word around the campfire is that we'll be seeing more from The Others point-of-view this season.

Tomorrow night a new episode airs with Sun flashbacks ( Go Spoilerfix for more details). If you missed last weeks episode of Lost you can catch it (as well as last weeks episodes of Six Degrees or The Nine, neither of which I'm completely sold on at this point) here.



Now tell me this film doesn't look familiar. When I first heard this Truman Capote story was coming out after Phillip Seymour Hoffman's amazing portrayal in Capote (both films began shooting around the same time) I kinda felt sorry for the film that had to follow. After watching the trailer though I think we might get a few more details that Capote didn't share (like the love affair between Truman and Perry Smith). The plot outline is pretty much the same as Capote, but could it be that Infamous boasts an even stronger cast? Well, pretty darn close...the film is directed by Douglas McGrath and stars: Toby Jones, Sandra Bullock, Daniel Craig, Peter Bogdonovich, Jeff Daniels, Hope Davis, Isabella Rosselinni, Sigourney Weaver, and Gwyneth Paltrow.

View the trailer.

{Daytrotter Sessions}


We love Daytrotter...It's like a John Peel session for the online sect. Page France dropped by last week and performed two tracks off their recent release Hello, Dear Wind and two as of now unreleased songs, "The Ruby Ring Man" and "Antartica".

* Page France Daytrotter Sessions *

1. "The Ruby Ring Man" {http://www.daytrotter.com/file_download/114}

2. "Chariot" {http://www.daytrotter.com/file_download/115}

3. "Dogs" {http://www.daytrotter.com/file_download/116}

4. "Antartica" {http://www.daytrotter.com/file_download/117}

This week on Daytrotter is (the latest signee to V2 Records) Langhorne Slim. The fantastic 4-song session includes two brand new/unreleased songs that will appear on his V2 debut in the spring and another new song only available online through emusic and iTunes.

Next week Daytrotter promises to finally bring you some hip-hop so be sure to check in with them on a weekly basis.

October 07, 2006

{Late Night Sounds Oct. Mix '06}


The Late Night Sounds is a (roughly 30 min.) monthly mixtape I put together of some under-the-radar artists, both past and present. This month's mix features mostly new tracks, give it a listen or just checkout the artists on your own...

Mp3: Late Night Sounds November Mix '06


1. Alterkicks - “Good Luck”

This is classic Brit-pop...this song in particular kinda reminds me of Travis.

2. Julieta Venegas - "Canciones De Amor"

This Spanish pop gem is from Julieta Venegas' latest album Limon Y Sal.

3. Frank Hoier - "Jesus"

This is a classic-folk styled song from the album Love is War.

4. DJ Shadow - "This Time (I'm Gonna Try it My Way)" (Get the download from Nialler 9)

Not so under-the-radar I know, this is a sweet soul number off DJ Shadow's new album The Outsider.

5. Pulp - "Ladies Man"

Again a not so under-the-radar artsit, but this is a B-Side from the This is Hardcore Single. Dig the robotic vocals!

6. Clinic - "The New Seeker"

This is a rock number from Clinic's forthcoming album Visitations.

7. The Hidden Cameras - "Awoo" (Get the download from Good Hodgkins)

This catchy pop tune is from The Hidden Cameras latest album of the same name.

8. Alexi Murdoch - "A Song For You" (Get the download from Musikoon)

This is from Alexi Murdoch's latest album Time without Consequence. If you like Nick Drake, then I think you'll dig this song.

9. The Whitest Boy Alive - "Burning" (Get the download courtesy of Coast is Clear)

This is a new wave flavored tune from Erlend Øye's (Kings of Convenience) electronic side-project.

10. The Blood Arm - "Suspicious Character" (Get the download courtesy of Denuvian)

This is a catchy rock tune from The Blood Arm's forthcoming (official debut) album titled Lie Lover Lie.

October 06, 2006

{The Woods}

Lucky McKee’s cult status began to grow the day his first film (May) was released on dvd. Since the release of that film, he's been crowned a "Master of Horror" by Showtime, produced and starred in Roman, a companion piece to May, and this week saw the dvd release of his latest film The Woods. Watch the trailer and you just might feel inclined to add this to your Netflix queue.

The Austinist posted an interesting interview with Lucky McKee last week.

I had to include this compilation of scenes from Lucky McKee's Sick Girl, which is about a shy entomologist whose drab life is changed by the simultaneous arrival of a large, mysterious bug and a torrid affair with a young woman...until the bizarre insect chooses a shocking place to secretly feed, and ecstasy turns to infection, mutation and murder. This is too much...yet, I like it.

Here's some other great films realesed on dvd this week:

Thank You For Smoking

Penn & Teller: Bullsh*t! Season 3

Down In The Valley

Lewis Black: Red, White, and Screwed

October 05, 2006



Based on Frank Miller's (Sin City) graphic novel, 300 concerns the 480 B.C. Battle of Thermopylae, where the King of Sparta led his army against the advancing Persians; the battle is said to have inspired all of Greece to band together against the Persians, and helped usher in the world's first democracy.

If this film is even half as cool as this trailer suggests, then we'll all be in for a treat.

View the trailer.



Riot Act Media informed me that Owen and Snowden (both artists I've featured on Late Night Sounds Mixes) are hitting the road this fall. Owen's new album titled At Home With will be arriving November 7th. Snowden's debut album has already dropped and the band has been touring relentlessly, you'll be able to catch them in a supporting role on the ¡Forward Russia! Tour!

Chicago's Owen (aka Mike Kinsella of Cap'n Jazz, Joan of Arc, American Football, and Owls) has opened a new chapter in regards to Owen and he would like you to read it. The new chapter is titled, At Home With, and it deals with the many transformations of Mike's life over the past year or so as he has dealt with everything from the death of a family member to subscribing to cable television. What emerged was an Owen album that features a great amount of depth and a expansive range of emotions, this of course provides solid evidence that sometimes moving out is a good thing. This is Mike's fourth full length under the Owen moniker.

Here's the first track from Owen's forthcoming release. The track is "Bad News" and it offers up some pretty harsh words, just listen...

"Bad News"

You can stream the entire album (anddownload more) before it's official release from Owen's Pure Volume page. I'm just gonna go ahead and warn you that this album is REALLY good. On "In The Morning, Before Work" he sings about listening to the same New Order and Morrissey cd's, which are giving me some pretty vivid flashbacks of my teenage years.

See Owen's MySpace for tour dates.



Since 2004 Atlanta, Georgia's Snowden have been making indie rock with complex layers that are reverb heavy and dirty pop to the core. What started as a bedroom project turned it into a full length debut for Jade Tree titled Anti-Anti.

Here's the title track...


Anti-Anti is available now and the band's self-released EP is available (in it's entirety) for free download from Snowden's site!

Also see Snowden's site for tour dates.

That's not all, Riot Act also sent me their Fall 2006 Fall Mixtape...enjoy.

Riot Act Fall Mixtape 2006:

Owen -"Bad News"

The End Of The World - "Last Cast"

These Arms Are Snakes -"Horse Girl"

Young Widows -"The Charmers"

Snowden -"Anti-Anti"

Page France -"Junkyard"

Titles -"Pink Pair Of Shoes"

Make Believe -"A Song About Camping"

Chin Up Chin Up -"This Harness Can't Ride Anything"

Pinebender -"Polly Gray"



Mike Judge (creator of Beavis and Butthead, King of the Hill and Office Space) has a new film (his first in 9 years) out in a very limited release with no plans for a nationwide opening. On Sept. 1st. Idiocracy opened (in select theaters) in Austin, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, and Toronto. The futuristic omedy stars Luke Wilson, who plays a supremely average guy from the year 2005, who is used as a guinea pig for a government project which places him in hibernation for 500 years. Upon waking up in the year 2505, he discovers he is now by far the smartest person in the world. With such a short notice and a very quiet release I doubt the film will kick up much fuss. However, one can't help but remember how Judge's Office Space bombed at the box office, yet found new life (and cult status) on DVD/video. Ideocracy wrapped up shooting back in 2004, Judge is currently preparing for his next live-action feature, Meat in the Freezer.

Before you go scouring the inkernet for a trailer, there isn't one. You can listen to the story from NPR or read about it from Esquire.

October 03, 2006

{Lost Season 3}


Season 3 of Lost premieres tomorrow night and I'm more than ready to geek it up with all the new fake websites all over again. If you're as curious as me, see Spoilerfix for some detailed plot points.

Here's a Sneak Peak at Season 3, complete with producers informing us that 'what we think we know, is not exactly what we know'. There's also a funny little clip of Sawyer at the end.

Ain't It Cool News has got more spoilers written in invisible text (right click to read).



Gallucci are a soca punk band from Sydney, Australia. They recently sent me a copy of their new album, oddly titled "You-Wrecker" 21 performances by the above mentioned...

Here's some highlights...

"You Wrecker"

"A Lean, Mean, Fat Machine"

"Lalor's Swansong"

"I Tought You Were Dead"

If you like, you can stream the whole album right here.

{Jesus Camp}


Nightmare come to life? You be the judge.

A growing number of Evangelical Christians believe there is a revival underway in America that requires Christian youth to assume leadership roles in advocating the causes of their religious movement.. Jesus Camp releases in select theaters September 15th.

View the trailer here...if you dare!

{28 Weeks Later}


You're all aware that there is a sequel-in-the-works to Danny Boyle's zombie masterpiece 28 Days Later, right? Initially, I was a bit worried when neither the director or any of the original cast jumped on board for the sequel, but now that the cast list for 28 Weeks Later has been set I feel like there may hope yet. Starring in 28 Weeks Later are: Robert Carlyle (Trainspotting), Rose Byrne (City of Ghosts), and Harold Perrineau (Michael from Lost), as well as Jeremy Renner, Catherine McCormack, Imogen Poots, Idris Elba and Mackintosh Muggleton.

Plot Summary: 28 Weeks Later starts six months after the Rage virus has spread throughout the city of London. The United States Army has restored order and is repopulating the quarantined city, when a carrier of the Rage virus enters London and unknowingly re-ignites the spread of the deadly infection, wreaking havoc on the entire population.

You'll know more when we do.

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