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It's been awhile since I listened to Tori Amos, but I've had her upcoming box set on regular rotation for the past couple of days and I'm begining to remember why I was such a big fan of her music for so many years. Tori Amos is about to release a massive collection of classics, rarities, remixes and previously unreleased music titled A Piano: The Collection, which officially comes out tomorrow. The collection contains 84 tracks on five CD's and spans her career from Little Earthquakes through The Beekeeper.


I'm going to go ahead and post a previously unreleased track and a few of her later songs because I happen to think that most are already familiar with damn near perfect albums like Little Earthquakes and Under The Pink. If you are not, then go out and buy them or buy this collection right away!

Here's a few songs, the last being a previously unreleased tune titled "Take Me With You" was originallly intended to be on the Little Earthquakes album....


"A Sorta Fairytale"

"1,000 Oceans"

"Take Me With You"

For the full tracklisting and to order the album go here.


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Thanks for sharing "Take me with You". I love it.

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