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I know, I'm a bit late at giving The Submarines a listen, but for the last couple of weeks now I've had their album on constant rotation. For the few of you who haven't heard their back story, here it is in a nutshell...

The Submarines' Blake Hazard (her great-grandfather was F. Scott Fitzgerald) and John Dragonetti met, fell in love, broke up, then each wrote songs about their break-up and got back together and recorded their debut album Declare A New State.

The couple were together for four years, then moved to L.A. while Dragonetti worked as a film and TV composer (he scored the Showtime hit series Weeds in collaboration with the Pixies’ Joey Santiago, scenes for HBO’s Family Bonds and spots for Volkswagen and EA Games). The relationship however, did not survive the move, which eventually inspired the song "Vote".

After the break-up, John began writing and recording songs, as did Blake, though she still had to come to John's home studio to record her material. It wasn't long before the sparks began to fly again, both on tape and in their hearts. In fact, Declare a New State was eventually mastered by a mutual friend as a wedding present to the two. With clever wordplay and big choruses this is sure to be one of the year's standout albums.

Here's a few highlights:

"Brighter Discontent" (Courtesy of Rock Insider)

"Vote" (Courtesy of Coast is Clear)

"Hope" (Courtesy of Shake Your Fist)

Hear more from The Submarines MySpace.

Purchase the album here.


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