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DeVotchKa are easily one of my favorite newfound bands. Their name may sound Russian, but the Denver-based quartet are indeed American. The band's roots lie in rock, however their music also includes heavy doses of Eastern European folk, mariachi, and punk. Lead singer Nick Urata wins bonus points for lifting the band name from the book (and movie) A Clockwork Orange. Excerpt: “They were getting ready to perform a little of the old in-out, in-out on a weepy young devotchka they had there.”

If you're not yet familiar with DeVotchKa's music, have no fear, I shall point you in the right direction...

Go sign up on DeVotchKa's website to stream their new EP Curse Your Little Heart.

Then go to DeVotchKa's MySpace to download...

"You Love Me"

"were Leaving"

"How It Ends" (Highly recommended) *This one was featured in the trailer for the adaption of Everything is Illuminating, as well as on the Little Miss Sunshine Soundtrack.


And I couldn't do a DeVothcKa post and not introduce you to my favorite track (from the Little Miss Sunshine Soundtrack)...

"Til The End Of Time" (Courtesy of Rewritable Content)

Order DeVotchKa's albums here.

Order the Little Miss Sunshine Soundtrack here.


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