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{A Scanner Darkly}


Go and watch 24 minutes of A Scanner Darkly right now! I've already seen (and enjoyed) the film, but (as with Richard Linklater's Waking Life) I'm a sucker for the whole rotoscoping technique. If you didn't already know, the film is an adaptation of the Phillip K. Dick novel about a futuristic, big brother verision of society. Register with IGN and begin viewing...there's also some video interviews with the director and cast.

Watch 24 Minutes of A Scanner Darkly.


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I just read the best review of this movie (and Linklater films in general) in artforum today... and the best quotable from it "A man whose brain has atrophied is a role Keanu was born to play."

Right on, Keanu is great in those dumbfounded roles like The Matrix. Not to mention shitty cinema like Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, Point Break, and The Devils Advocate! Whoa!

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