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{My Name Is Bruce}


So, once again we get to see Bruce battle it out with demons, which means at least one thing is going right with this world. And no I'm not talking about the Evil Dead remake, which has been given the green light by Bruce (or so his website says) without a script, start date, or director...which naturally has fans very scared. I'm talking about My Name Is Bruce the new flick where, the one and only Bruce Campbell is playing himself! It's set in a small town where a bunch of kids unleash an ancient curse and to combat this evilness the towns people kidnap Bruce Campbell to save them, but as he is playing himself doesn't really know what to do. While I knew that much what I didn't know was that Bruce himself will be directing and producing again. This shin dig should be out next year and hope at some point to hear the line "I'm not a demon slayer! I just play one in the movies!"

Bruce will be down at the San Diego Comic Con this Saturday hosting a Screening and Q&A of a special feature from the cult favorite Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. Complete Series DVD.

Stay tuned to his website for more info.


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