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{Lost Season 3}


The Lost: Season 3 panel met last Saturday morning at Comic-Con in San Diego and spilled some details about next season, as well as the Lost Season 2 DVD.

Highlights included: "Lost Diaries", a preview of the mobile episodes ("mobisodes") coming this fall from Verizon. In the clip, Hurley finds a video camera that still works, and shows it to Kate and Sawyer, just in case they're (as he put it) "killed, or eaten or something".

New clips from the Lost Season 2 DVD bonus materials included a new Dharma Initiative training video, detailing the three phases of island work: Observation, Addition and Conclusion.

There will also be a special feature video that has edited together every single insult Sawyer has uttered on Lost.

According to producers, questions about Hurley's time in the mental institution, who he met there, and his interaction with Lily will develop.

According to Lindelof, "There are at least four, probably five seasons planned out" but there is a defiite end point that all the producers and writers have in mind. "After that, we'd have to start tap dancing." Lindelof and the other producers would prefer the show to end on their own terms, but if it came to the network wanting to keep the show on the air, they would probably all walk, rather than drag it through the dirt. Or zombies.

Desmond will be back on the show along with some new regulars next season, and Burk confirmed that the final sequence form the second season finale was off-island.

The plot of the "Lost" videogame is under wraps, but will follow the spirit of the show.

Kate will be get together with somebody "soon. Very soon."

Libby's past will be filled in more with flashbacks of other characters.

When asked "Do Jack and Locke's rich fathers, and Libby's rich husband, have anything to do with Dharma?" Lindelof could only say, "You're asking the right question, but we're certainly not going to confirm or deny it here."

Asked if there was anything we can look forward to, generally, in season three, the panel stated that something's going to happen halfway through the year that's hopefully going to fry everybody's brains.

Desmond, Locke and Eko, what happened to them, and how did they survive, if they survived? There will be new characters, exploring how they get there.

And finally, Penny and Desmond's relationship will be explored.

The show will also be "exploring the Others community". The title of the first episode is going to be "A Tale of Two Cities."

Read about the new Lost mystery hunk here.


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