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{Ant Bully}


This animated feature is produced by Tom Hanks and stars the voices of Bruce Campbell, Paul Giamatti, Nick Cage, Julia Roberts and many more...some reports even include the talented Alan Cummings, but the WB site doesn't confirm this. It's that same age old story of boy gets picked on, boy picks on ants, ant wizard shrinks boy (honey I shrunk the boy?), boy realizes it hurts when you burn ants with a magnifying glass, boy joins the side of the ants and teach them all how to swim. Well that last part isn't exactly true...but it should be. I know, I know an animated feature about ants and big and Hollywood names to boot. Sounds like a rehash? Maybe..but were there any ant wizards in any of those other movies you're thinking of? I don't think so. This is due out july 28th and checkout the WB website! It's very "flashy" and all the buttons say "coming soon"!

View the trailer here.


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