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July 31, 2006

{The Fountain}


I posted about this last week, but now there is a full-length trailer up and running.

This is a trailer for the sci-fi time travel epic from director Darren Aronofsky (Pi, Requiem for a Dream). The film stars Hugh Jackman and (his wife) Rachel Weiz. The film takes place during three different time periods and deals with that old fountain of life theory...hence the title. More specifically, this is an odyssey about one man's thousand-year struggle to save the woman he loves. His epic journey begins in 16th century Spain and flolows him through the 26th century as an astronaut in search of a cure for the cancer that is killing his beloved wife.

View the Trailer

{Bookeaters Benefit}


I just paid a small fortune to get a couple of really great seats to the Bookeaters Benefit concert in L.A. on August 26th. The show features words and music from: Aimee Mann, Jenny Lewis, Dave Eggers, Sarah Vowell, The Mountain Goats and will be hosted by Andy Richter. The shows proceeds go to benefit the 826 Writing Centers.

The benefit tour picks up other notables like Sufjan Stevens and Jon Stewart in New York, and Ben Gibbard (Death Cab) and Ira Glass (This American Life) in Chicago. The tour also makes a stop in Seattle, San Fransisco, and Michigan. See the official site for more details.

Here's a few old tunes I hope to hear:

The Mountain Goats - "No Children"

Aimee Mann - "How Am I Different"

Rilo Kiley - "A Man, Me, Then Jim"

July 28, 2006

{The Motel}


The Motel is a new comedy from the makers of Chuck & Buck and Me You & Everyone We Know. The film has picked up lots of awards at recent film festivals and has now began playing in select theaters nationwide. The Motel is based on the novel Waylaid by Ed Lin.

Thirteen-year-old Ernest Chin lives and works at a sleazy hourly-rate motel on a strip of desolate suburban bi-way. Misunderstood by his family and blindly careening into puberty, Ernest befriends Sam Kim, a self-destructive yet charismatic Korean American man who has checked in. Sam teaches the fatherless boy all the rites of manhood.

View the trailer here.

{The Decemberists}


The Decemberists Press Release - The Crane Wife out October 3!

North American Tour kicks off October 17!

New York, NY) - The Crane Wife, the Capitol Records debut from the Decemberists, will be released on October 3rd. A North American tour will kick off on October 17th with a two-night stand in their native Portland, Oregon. A full list of confirmed tour dates is below.

The Decemberists have risen from beloved cult favorites to the first rank of the indie music world with a series of beautiful and fantastical albums brimming with flawless melodies and songs inhabited by casts of legionnaires, chimney sweeps, sea captains and seekers of all kinds. Led by these songs, and by a group dynamic that embraces experimentation even as it celebrates everything from classic pop to klezmer to Irish jig to prog rock, The Decemberists have hand-crafted a purely original aesthetic all their own.

But upon first listen it's immediately apparent that The Crane Wife is the band's most ambitious and enthralling album to date. Decemberists songwriter and frontman Colin Meloy first came across the story of "The Crane Wife" several years ago in the children's section of a local bookstore. A venerable Japanese folk tale that's been handed down in countless variations and translations through the centuries, the deceptively simple story has stayed with Meloy ever since.

Drawing on the long-simmering inspiration of the tale, Meloy, along with his fellow Decemberists - multi-instrumentalist Chris Funk, keyboardist Jenny Conlee, bassist Nate Query and drummer John Moen - set about creating a rich collection of songs which leap off from the story itself into a deeper, more unpredictable musical world.

And, significantly, the band was able for the first time in its career to take ample time building their arrangements in a well-equipped studio in Portland. Granted the luxury of preparation, the band, along with co-producers Chris Walla (Death Cab for Cutie) and Tucker Martine (Laura Veirs), cultivated an environment of total creative freedom.

It's tempting to think of The Crane Wife as a concept album but that's not entirely accurate. It's more like an extrapolation of the folk tale, a re-imagining of its themes on a broader canvas. For every song that touches directly on Meloy's interpretation of the Japanese legend (gorgeous album opener "The Crane Wife 3," or its prequel, "The Crane Wife 1 and 2"), several more take their cue from the fabric of the story and stretch outward into other visions.

Sometimes the visions are of bleak urban murderers on the prowl in "Shankhill Butchers"; sometimes the waterlogged mingling of love and death in "Summersong," sometimes the bloodied pop confection of "O Valencia!" But the album's unquestionable centerpiece is the 13-minute murder ballad "The Island" and its subsections "Come and See," "The Landlord's Daughter," and "You'll Not Feel the Drowning." As the lyrics chronicle a tale of murder and rape, the instruments chart a far-flung course through multiple musical genres into a full-blown masterpiece.

"There was a real strong sense among the band that we were not going to try to make a record that someone would typically make for a major label," says Meloy. "In some ways I think it pushed us farther to the left, farther out of the Decemberists comfort zone."

The Decemberists - The Crane Wife tracklisting

1. The Crane Wife 3
2. The Island
- Come and See
- The Landlord's Daughter
- You'll Not Feel the Drowning
3. Yankee Bayonet (I Will Be Home Then)
4. O Valencia!
5. The Perfect Crime #2
6. When the War Came
7. Shankill Butchers
8. Summersong
9. The Crane Wife 1 & 2
10. Sons and Daughters

Upcoming tour dates (sorry, no new songs just yet) can be found on The Decemberists Myspace.

Here's a sneak peak at their new website.

July 27, 2006

{The Rapture}


Within the last couple of weeks the new track "Get Myself Into It" from The Rapture's forthcoming album have popped up on my Hype Machine search list, only to have the file removed. Looks like it's finally here to stay...can't wait to hear more.

"Get Myself Into It" (Courtesy of Scenestars).

{Lost Season 3}


The Lost: Season 3 panel met last Saturday morning at Comic-Con in San Diego and spilled some details about next season, as well as the Lost Season 2 DVD.

Highlights included: "Lost Diaries", a preview of the mobile episodes ("mobisodes") coming this fall from Verizon. In the clip, Hurley finds a video camera that still works, and shows it to Kate and Sawyer, just in case they're (as he put it) "killed, or eaten or something".

New clips from the Lost Season 2 DVD bonus materials included a new Dharma Initiative training video, detailing the three phases of island work: Observation, Addition and Conclusion.

There will also be a special feature video that has edited together every single insult Sawyer has uttered on Lost.

According to producers, questions about Hurley's time in the mental institution, who he met there, and his interaction with Lily will develop.

According to Lindelof, "There are at least four, probably five seasons planned out" but there is a defiite end point that all the producers and writers have in mind. "After that, we'd have to start tap dancing." Lindelof and the other producers would prefer the show to end on their own terms, but if it came to the network wanting to keep the show on the air, they would probably all walk, rather than drag it through the dirt. Or zombies.

Desmond will be back on the show along with some new regulars next season, and Burk confirmed that the final sequence form the second season finale was off-island.

The plot of the "Lost" videogame is under wraps, but will follow the spirit of the show.

Kate will be get together with somebody "soon. Very soon."

Libby's past will be filled in more with flashbacks of other characters.

When asked "Do Jack and Locke's rich fathers, and Libby's rich husband, have anything to do with Dharma?" Lindelof could only say, "You're asking the right question, but we're certainly not going to confirm or deny it here."

Asked if there was anything we can look forward to, generally, in season three, the panel stated that something's going to happen halfway through the year that's hopefully going to fry everybody's brains.

Desmond, Locke and Eko, what happened to them, and how did they survive, if they survived? There will be new characters, exploring how they get there.

And finally, Penny and Desmond's relationship will be explored.

The show will also be "exploring the Others community". The title of the first episode is going to be "A Tale of Two Cities."

Read about the new Lost mystery hunk here.

July 26, 2006

{Yumi in Love}


I got this in my inbox recently...Yumi in Love is a Canadian indie film, here's the synopsis...

A couple faces the reality of their detereorating marriage when they are invited for a weekend getaway with another couple who have more than dinner on their mind. A man loses a girlfriend only to discover a mysterious injured young woman on his lonely morning run. A lazy existentialist writer, a dubious pregnant sister, a girl who may or may not be a prostitute, and a professional couple whose hobbies are amoral and illegal by turn...their lives twist and intersect in the course of one night...the night Yumi falls in love.

View the trailer here.

{The (No) Apologies Project}


My favorite local (part-time) indie soul trash band The (No) Apologies Project have just put four songs from a recent live show up on their MySpace. Formed and based out of an art-coop, The (No) Apologies Project are part-time musicians influenced by jazz, soul, indie, and funk with a punk origin. They describe their sound as Miles Davis meets The Buzzcocks, but they always remind me of James Chance & The Contortions.

Get the downloads from The (No) Apologies Project's MySpace...I'm kinda partial to their cover of Prince's "Head".

Here's a few of my old favorites:

"(Who Put) The Beat (in Diabetes)"

"Binary Oppositions"

"Same Old Song"

Hear more from their website.

They'll be playing this Friday, July 28th at their art space the AAA Electra 99 in Anaheim for $5.

July 25, 2006

{Punk's Not Dead}


On the edge of the 30th anniversary of punk rock, Punk's Not Dead takes you into the sweaty underground clubs, backyard parties, recording studios, and of course, shopping malls and stadium shows where punk rock music prospers these days. Thirty years after bands like The Ramones and the Sex Pistols infamously shocked the system with their hard, fast, status-quo-killing rock, the longest-running punk band in history is drawing bigger crowds than ever. Nowadays “pop-punk” bands have found success on MTV, and kids (like those Wassup Rockers bunch) are forming bands that thrive for that punk raw, immediate sound. Meanwhile, “punk” has become a marketing concept to sell everything from cars to vodka, and dyed hair and piercings mark a rite of passage for thousands of kids. Can the true, nonconformist punk spirit still exist in today's corporatized culture? The documentary features interviews, performances, and behind-the-scenes journeys with the bands, labels, fans, and press who continue keep punk music alive.

View the trailer here.

{Sounds Eclectico 2}


This saturday July 29th KCRW and Grand Performances present Sounds Eclectico 2 FOR FREE!

If this heatwave let's up a little bit, I too will muster up enough energy to head out. The music begins at 8pm with performances by Nortec Collective and the Mexican Institute of Sound.

Hear some tunes from Nortec Collective's MySpace

Hear some tunes from Mexican Intitute of Sound's MySpace

For more info go here.



Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez stood before thousands of geeks...I mean fans in a panel at San Diego's Comic Con over the weekend and shed some light on their upcoming double-feature project titled Grindhouse.

Drawing from '70s exploitation films Quentin Tarantino announced the cast of one-half of the double-feaure title "Death Proof" which will star Rosario Dawson, Rose McGowan, Kurt Russell, and Marley Shelton.

Robert Rodriguez's zombie film "Planet Terror" cast includes Naveen Andrews (Lost), Josh Brolin, Michael Biehn, Michael Parks, and Freddy Rodriquez (Six Feet Under). "Planet Terror" is currently in production, "Death Proof" is scheduled to begin shooting next month. You'll know more when we do.

On a sidenote, I just read in the L.A. Times that Quentin Tarantino has recently purchased an old theater in L.A.'s Chinatown, where he plans to show Asian films...more on that soon.

July 24, 2006

{Children of Men}


The year is In 2027, the world's youngest citizen has just died at the age of 18 and humankind faces the likelihood of its own extinction. Set against a backdrop of London torn apart by violence Children of Men follows the unexpected discovery of a lone pregnant woman and the desperate journey to deliver her child, which may in turn help scientists to save the future of mankind.

The futuristic drama is directed by Alfonso Cuaron (Y Tu Mama Tambien, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban) and stars Clive Owen, Julianne Moore, Michael Caine, and Chiwetel Ejiofor. The film hits theaters September 29th.

View the Trailer

{The Amazing Screw-On Head}


Sci-Fi's booth at Comic Con was spectacular, as always. In a smart move, the network has put up a pilot episode of a new animated series on their website and are asking that people watch and vote on the future of the show. The Amazing Screw-On Head is about Abraham Lincoln's top spy (a man with a screw-on head) and features the voices of Paul Giamatti (Sideways, American Splendor), David Hyde Pierce (Frazier), and Molly Shannon (SNL). The show is based on the comic by Mike Mignola (creator of Hellboy).

Watch the pilot episode of The Amazing Screw-On Head here.

{Comic Con Highlights}


Panels, television shows, movie stars, video games, painted figures, guys in Stars Wars costumes, gals in schoolgirl costumes, oh yeah, and comics. It was all on hand at the San Diego convention center over the weekend. This year seemed more crowded than ever and making it to panels proved to be a difficult task, but overall it was great. I've got bags of comics, flyers, and figures to sort through so I'll be posting about some stuff I seen/read all week long.

Some of my highlights included: meeting Hurley (Jorge Garcia) and standing a few feet away from Jin (Daniel Dae Kim) of Lost. I actually spent some time standing next to Daniel Dae Kim's lovely wife and adorable children during the unveiling of McFairlaine's Lost figures.

Meeting Sid Haig (The Devils Rejects, House of 1000 Corpses).

Purchased some new black ninja Ugly Dolls, but I scratched my interview with David and Sun because they were pretty damn busy. I did however, get some dolls signed.

I was in heaven in the small press section, I've got lotsa mini-comics to read and report back on.

I was also giddy as a schoolgirl at The Kid Robot booth.

Gotta run, more soon....

July 20, 2006

{The Descent}


Plot Summary:
A group of friends reunite for a caving expedition, become trapped, and encounter bloodthirsty creatures. As their friendships sour they find themselves in a struggle to survive not only the creatures, but each other.
I would expect plenty of gore and violence, seeing as this is the same studio that brought us Saw and Hostel.

View the Trailer

{Vader Sessions}


Darth V. pity the fool who mess with the Death Star! Some genius with alot of time (and editing skills) on their hands has created this short YouTube Star Wars feature entitled Vader Sessions. It features voice samples from James Ear Jones career set to images of lord Vader...and it's some pretty stuff.

{Ed Harcourt}


British singer-songwriter Ed Harcourt is back with his fifth and most personal album, The Beautiful Lie. There is hardly a weak spot on the album, yet my favorite moments come on reflective old-fashioned orchestrated songs like "You Only Call Me When You’re Drunk", "Good Friends Are Hard To Find", and "Until Tomorrow Then".

There is however, enough catchy upbeat melodies (such as "Visit From The Dead Dog" and "Revolution in the Heart") to prevent you from sinking into depression. Harcourt has long been considered to be on the cusp of greatness ever since his first EP (Maplewood) hit the shelves...six years later he still continues to impress. Fans of Ron Sexsmith, Idlewild, Badly Drawn Boy and Josh Rouse should definitely give this a listen.

Here's one of my favs:

"Good Friends Are Hard To Find"

Listen to a couple other brand new tracks from Ed Harcourt's MySpace

Order the import of The Beautiful Lie here.

{Basement Jaxx}


Tracks from the forthcoming Basement Jaxx album Crazy Itch Radio have began to surface and if you're already a fan then I think you will be pleased once again. The album is set for a September 12th release. Follow the links to get a taste...

"Hey You"

"Lights Go Down" (Courtesy of Popbytes)

"On the Train" (Courtesy of Brilliant Corners)

Hear more from Basement Jaxx's MySpace.

{The Speghetti West}


This intriguing documentary (narrated by Robert Forster) takes a look at the rise and fall of Speghetti Westerns and features appearances by all of the top names in the field.

The genre is discussed at length, from the fall of the 1950's John Wayne cowboy era, and onto the first wave of anti-hero westerns (based off Japanese films such as Akira Kurosawa's Yojimbo), which turned Clint Eastwood into a star overnight. To the second wave of Speghetti Weterns, which gave birth to both the political (A Bullet for the General) and ultra-violent (Django) sub-genres and finally to it's third wave (and ultimitly it's demise) as the genre was turned into slapstick parodies. Casual viewers will be surprised to find out that there's more to Spaghetti Westerns than Clint's fast draw, and serious fans won't be disappointed when they get to see all the genre notables.

My only beef with the documentary is the music. Sure, we do get to hear a few bouncy bars from Ennio Morricone's My Name is Nobody score, but not much else.

The disc is a 'Netflix rental exclusive' so don't go looking for it for sale just yet...just add it to your 'queue'.

Suggested listening:

Ennio Morricone - "Theme For A Few Dollars More"

Ennio Morricone - "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Theme"

July 19, 2006

{My Name Is Bruce}


So, once again we get to see Bruce battle it out with demons, which means at least one thing is going right with this world. And no I'm not talking about the Evil Dead remake, which has been given the green light by Bruce (or so his website says) without a script, start date, or director...which naturally has fans very scared. I'm talking about My Name Is Bruce the new flick where, the one and only Bruce Campbell is playing himself! It's set in a small town where a bunch of kids unleash an ancient curse and to combat this evilness the towns people kidnap Bruce Campbell to save them, but as he is playing himself doesn't really know what to do. While I knew that much what I didn't know was that Bruce himself will be directing and producing again. This shin dig should be out next year and hope at some point to hear the line "I'm not a demon slayer! I just play one in the movies!"

Bruce will be down at the San Diego Comic Con this Saturday hosting a Screening and Q&A of a special feature from the cult favorite Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. Complete Series DVD.

Stay tuned to his website for more info.

{The Quiet}


Sony Pictures Classics presents The Quiet. A thriller about family secrets, friendship, trust, and betrayal where happy faces disguise ugly truths. The film stars: Elisha Cuthbert, Edie Falco, Camilla Belle, Shawn Ashmore, Martin Donovan, and is set for a August 25th release. I must admit that I was drawn in by the erotic photo of the two lovely leading ladies, as for the film, I'm not so sure I'm sold.

View the Trailer

July 18, 2006

{Alpha Dog}


Inspired by actual events, Alpha Dog revolves around a mid-level drug dealer from the San Gabriel Valley whose thirst for power led him to become, at age 19, the youngest man ever to appear on the FBI's Most Wanted list. Emile Hirsch stars as teenage suburban drug dealer Johnny Truelove, an ambitious young man whose lifestyle is a mecca for guns, sex and drugs. When a "client" cheats Johnny and a deal goes bad, he devises a plan to get his money back by kidnapping the client's younger brother - but it's not a typical kidnapping when it turns out that everyone knows and likes the kid. So what now? Things take an unexpected twist as Johnny and his crew get caught up in the dangerous and violent world they once idealized. The film is directed by Nick Cassavetes and stars Ben Foster, Shawn Hatosy, Emile Hirsch, Sharon Stone, Justin Timberlake and Bruce Willis.

View the trailer here.

{Bloc Party Giveaway}


From Cinespace & Spaceland to the El Rey & Palladium, and now to Greek Theatre, these Brits are still killing it in America! So, Dim Mak wants to give away 2 SETS OF TICKETS to a few lucky people. E mail 'em a story (to partyline@dimmak.com) with subject header BLOC PARTY FREE TICKETS!, that involves Bloc Party in some way and the most interesting will win a free pair of tickets to go see Bloc Party!

For more info Dim Mak Events page.

{Comic Con}


The week of San Diego's Comic Con is finally upon us and we just can't wait for all the festivities, mayhem, and cool stuff. These days this event ain't just comics, manga, and people dressed in cosplay costumes (although there will be plenty of people dressed as their favorite characters). No, all of the major film and television studios will be there showcasing their latest movie trailers and television products. There is just far too much to mention, but here's a list of all the events we're going to try and make it to, provided we don't get sidetracked:

Q & A with writer/ artist Daniel Clowes (Ghost World, Art School Confidential)

Samuel L. Jackson discusses Snakes on a Plane.

Preview of the new animated series Afro Samurai (staring the voice of Samuel L. Jackson).

Nicholas Cage talks about his role in the Marvel film Ghost Rider.

Director Kevin Smith will be showcasing his latest film Clerks 2.

Jorge Garcia (Hurley) and Daniel Dae Kim (Jin) from one of our favorite show's Lost are joined by co-creator Damon Lindelof to preview excerpts from the Lost Season 2 DVD box set and possibly discuss Season 3.

Sci-Fi legends Ray Bradbury, Ray Harryhausen, and Forry Ackerman as they reminisce about life, science fiction, fantasy, movies, and more.

Screening of NBC's Hereos pilot episode.

Richard Kelly’s Southland Tales...the cult-favorite writer/director of Donnie Darko is back with a new epic movie and a series of related graphic novel prequels.

Saw 3 and The Decent trailer screenings from Lionsgate Films.

Warner Brothers presents a preview of their latest adaptation of Frank Miller's (Sin City) graphic novel "300".

Brisco County Jr., the cult-favorite TV show returns with a screening of a special feature from the Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. The Complete Series DVD. Featuring a Q&A with the show’s star Bruce Campbell (Army of Darkness).

Grind House preview...Rose McGowan (Charmed), Marley Shelton (Sin City), Freddy Rodriguez (Six Feet Under), Michael Biehn (Aliens), and Jeff Fahey (Dark Hunters) star in Grind House, the new double feature from Dimension Films, directed by Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino. Join filmmaker Robert Rodriguez and members of the cast for a quick trip to Rodriguez's "Planet Terror," and be the first to hear exclusive news about what to expect once Tarantino's "Deathproof".

A sneak peek at the Aqua Teen movie.

Q & A with the creators of Ugly Dolls.

For a complete list of all the events (and times) taking place visit the Comic Con website.

July 17, 2006

{The Sky Drops}


You may have noticed a new little interview image over on the sidebar, but in case you missed it, I've posted an interview with the very talented duo The Sky Drops.

Read the interview, listen to a couple of brand new tracks, and get their tour dates here.

{Alive Records}


I recently received some good tunes from Alive Records...

"Christmas Time Blues" is from the forthcoming album Lonely Road Revival by San Francisco's Trainwreck Riders. These fellas are from the same scene that spawned Two Gallants, so give it a listen...

"Christmas Time Blues"

Trainwreck Riders' MySpace


"San Martine Des Morelle" is from the forthcoming self-titled album by Buffalo Killers. The Cincinnati, Ohio band features former members of The Gabbard Brothers and Thee Shams.

"San Martine Des Morelle"

Buffalo Killers' MySpace

{A Scanner Darkly}


Go and watch 24 minutes of A Scanner Darkly right now! I've already seen (and enjoyed) the film, but (as with Richard Linklater's Waking Life) I'm a sucker for the whole rotoscoping technique. If you didn't already know, the film is an adaptation of the Phillip K. Dick novel about a futuristic, big brother verision of society. Register with IGN and begin viewing...there's also some video interviews with the director and cast.

Watch 24 Minutes of A Scanner Darkly.

July 13, 2006

{Chappelle's Show Season 3}

Charlie Murphy.JPG

Charlie Murphy is holding down the fort for Chappelle's Show Season 3. Get a preview of how the show will function without Chappelle from this clip that features some Tupac lyrics that are a little ahead of their time.

View the Clip.

{Lady Sovereign}


Lady Sovereign's next album will be released through Def Jam Records and if the rest of it's as good as these two old school flavored tracks then it will definitely be off the hook. Have a listen:

"Gatheration" (Courtesy of Exitfare)

"Love Me or Hate Me" (Courtesy of Distortion Disco)

Purchase some Lady Sovereign here.

{Five Minute Laugh}

Juan Gabreil falls, newscasters laugh.



Here's a trailer that was sent to me...

Interstate is a character driven film noir about teenagers traveling along highways, surrounded by relics of a much different America. Interstate explores the psyche of Edgar, as he travels to Los Angeles in search of the American dream to finally be reunited with his girlfriend. A Montreal DJ following his girlfriend to Los Angeles, meets a couple of hitchhikers, Veronica and Gloria. The journey takes a strange turn when Edgar involuntarily ingests drugs and becomes stranded with the girls in a seedy roadside motel. Revelations are made and blackmail ensues. Talk about edge of your seat thriller.

View the Trailer

{The Mountain Goats}


In case you haven't been paying attention, tracks from The Mountain Goats forthcoming album Get Lonely have began to surface. This time around John Darnielle's songs are about battles with loneliness and searching for solace. This is very likely to be one of the strongest releases this year. The album is set for a August 22nd release. Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to go cry now.

"Woke Up New" (Courtesy of Raven Sings the Blues)

"Wild Sage" (Courtesy of You Ain't No Picasso)

"If You See Light" (Courtesy of Girlpants)


"Get Lonely"

"In The Hidden Places" (Courtesy of Good Hodgkins)

Pre order Get Lonely here.

July 12, 2006

{Cansei De Ser Sexy}

Sao Paulo Brazil's favorite party rockers, are coming to the US this summer for their first booty shakin' tour. This is their hot new video for the oh so hooky song "Let's Make Love and Listen to Death From Above". Cansei De Ser Sexy (Portugese for "tired of being sexy") has recently been signed to Sub Pop Records...see their MySpace for a complete list of tour dates.

July 11, 2006

{Johnny Cash}


American V: A Hundred Highways is the new album from Johnny Cash. In the months leading up to his passing on September 12, 2003, Cash had been recording new material with producer Rick Rubin, the album is a result of the songs from those sessions.

Listen to a couple of brand new tracks his MySpace.

{David Dondero}


Normally I'm not particulary fond of live recordings, but there are always exceptions to the rule and David Dondero is always going be one of them, due to the fact that his recordings never differ too much from his live performances. Lullabyes has posted a nice live set which includes a few rarities.

This is the set list:
Live MP3s:
Rothko Chapel
Ashes on the Highway
The Stars Are My Chandelier
Pornographic Love Song
San Francisco
Living and the Dead pt 1
Living and the Dead pt 2
The Real Tina Turner
The Waiter
Less then Air
Pre-Invasion Jitters

Go get it.

Purchase David Dondero's most recent album South of the South here.

{World Cup Highlights}

It's hard to beleive a month of World Cup soccer has come and gone again. We'll see which countries are on top four years from now, in the meantime watch the emotional closing highlight clip set to U2's "One".

July 10, 2006

{Roddy Woomble}


Roddy Woomble, lead singer of (one of my favorite bands) Idlewild, is coming out with his solo debut album titled My Secret is My Silence. The album is set for a July 24th release date in the UK. This is the track that's streaming on his MySpace page (courtesy of Sweet Oblivion). It sounds a little more mellow compared to stuff with the band, but I happen to really dig Idlewild's mellow side so I'm gonna try real hard not to get my hopes up too high. See what you think...

Roddy Woomble - "Every Line Of A Long Moment"



Along with our Comic Con press passes, we've been invited to some interviews and sit in on some Q & A sessions. One such invite is to watch an exclusive 72-minute special cut of NBC’s Heroes pilot episode, followed by a Q & A session with the writers and cast. The show wil debut this fall on Mondays at 9-10 p.m. ET, Heroes chronicles the lives of ordinary people who discover that they possess extraordinary abilities...I think we're talking mutants but I can't be sure. I'm not exactly sold on this show yet, why don't you checkout the trailer and decide for yourself.

I'm gonna try to post about some of the other Comic Con related news I've been receiving this week so stay with us.

View the trailer here.

{Ant Bully}


This animated feature is produced by Tom Hanks and stars the voices of Bruce Campbell, Paul Giamatti, Nick Cage, Julia Roberts and many more...some reports even include the talented Alan Cummings, but the WB site doesn't confirm this. It's that same age old story of boy gets picked on, boy picks on ants, ant wizard shrinks boy (honey I shrunk the boy?), boy realizes it hurts when you burn ants with a magnifying glass, boy joins the side of the ants and teach them all how to swim. Well that last part isn't exactly true...but it should be. I know, I know an animated feature about ants and big and Hollywood names to boot. Sounds like a rehash? Maybe..but were there any ant wizards in any of those other movies you're thinking of? I don't think so. This is due out july 28th and checkout the WB website! It's very "flashy" and all the buttons say "coming soon"!

View the trailer here.

{The Mars Volta}


Here is the new artwork for the forthcoming album Amputechture by The Mars Volta, as well as a leaked track from the album. Don't know how long it will be available so enjoy it while it lasts.

The Mars Volta - "Asilos Magdalena"

{It Came From Detroit}


It Came From Detroit is a feature length documentary exploring the raw energy of the modern Detroit garage scene. Following bands like The White Stripes, The Von Bondies, and The Dirtbombs, we watch the scene evolve from underground obscurity to an international trend. We discover how unexpected popularity impacts their lifestyle as more bands sign to major labels. The White Stripes may have won a couple of grammies, but will their success be repeated? Is the garge sene doomed to the fate of Seattle, or will it produce incredible, original music uneffected by the pressures of selling out?

View the trailer here.

July 07, 2006

{Chappelle's Show Season 3 Trailer}

I can't wait...how about you?



Amanda Congdon has been forced to leave popular Rocketboom video blog over a disagreement with her partner, Andrew Baron. Supposedly the show will go on, but without her will the show still work is anybodys guess.

Watch Amanda Congden's Unboomed response here.

July 06, 2006



On their third album Reina, Kinky turn chaos into a grand celebration as they conquer mudslides, floods and collapsing houses to produce their most exciting album yet.

Listen to brand new tracks "Sister Twisted" "I Say Hey" and "Una Lena De Luz" here.



There's a script for 20th Century Fox's upcoming Wolverine flick, so all you fan-boys are probably want to get angry when I tell you that there will be no cool Frank Miller samurai stuff. We will however be seeing Logan in Vietnam through flashbacks. The film will also get into the whole Weapon X experiment, the origin of his name, the eventual rematch with Creed, and of course his eventual memory loss. It will be a prequel to the X-Men movies.

Get all the details here.

{Late Night Sounds Summer Dance Mix}


The Late Night Sounds is a monthly mixtape I put together of some under-the-radar bands, both past and present. This one is a Summer Dance Mix, I've inserted links to bands' sites and Mp3's (if I could find 'em), so feel free to give it a listen or checkout the artists on your own...

Mp3: Late Night Sounds Summer Dance Mix '06


1. Baby J - “Holla”

UK Garage with a Motown twist.

2. The Pinker Tones - “Sonido Total”

Funky electro en Espanol. Hear more from The Pinker Tone's site.

3. Audio Bullys - "Bright Light"

There are too many breaks in this track so I chopped it in half. It's grime with a sample of a classic disco tune.

4. ESG - "Tiny Sticks"

I couldn't really make a dance mix and not throw in a funky fresh ESG tune.

5. Bonde Do Role - "Solta O Frango" (Get the download from Bonde Do Role's MySpace

This is funky alternative dance rock from Brazil.

6. Tigarah - "Girl Fight" (Get the Mp3 courtesy of Tigarah's MySpace)

Hip-hop, J-pop, with some M.I.A.-esque touches? I don't know what you'd classify this as. Hear for yourself from Tigarah's MySpace.

7. Jay Sean - "Got My Eyes On You"

This guy is like the British equivilant of Justin Timberlake...I mean that in a good way.

8. Charlie Feathers - "Nobody's Woman"

This is classic rockabilly, suitable for dancing.

9. Fruition - "Ticking Away" (Get the download from Fruition's MySpace)

This is British indie rock.

10. Cansei De Ser Sexy - "Let's Make Love From Above" (Get the download from Cansei De Ser Sexy's MySpace)

Another funky disco track from Brazil.

{The Science of Sleep}


Okay, I've posted about this film before (several times, in fact), but now there's an official trailer up online. Michel Gondry (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Human Nature) directs this imaginative film, which stars Gael García Bernal. I think the movie is about a guy who loves to sleep and dream, but I'm not entirely sure.

View the trailer here.

{Pan's Labyrinth}


Plot Summary: Pan's Labyrinth is the story of a young girl that travels with her mother and adoptive father to a rural area up North in Spain, 1944. After Franco´s victory. The girl lives in an imaginary world of her own creation and faces the real world with much chagrin. Post-war Fascist repression is at its height in rural Spain and the girl must come to terms with that through a fable of her own. Guillermo del Toro (dir. Hellboy, Blade II, The Devil's Backbone, Mimic) directs this imaginative film, which is scheduled for release this fall.

Watch the trailer here.

July 05, 2006



I found this video in my inbox...it's from L.A. underground rapper Aceyalone. It's his ode to the sticky icky, you can download this song and others from Aceyalone's MySpace.

Jump to the video here.



Renaissance is a French-language animated science-fiction detective movie, co-produced in France, United Kingdom and Luxembourg. The film is directed by Christian Volckman and was released on March 15 in France and is scheduled for a September 22 release in the US by Miramax Films. The movie uses the motion capture technique to create a 3D universe set entirely black and white (except some few elements in color at the end of the movie). It shares a certain resemblance to Sin City, but it also remids me of that A-Ha "Take On Me" video.

The action takes place in Paris in 2054. The expressways along the Seine river are enclosed in glass tunnels and huge lofts seem to float in the night. Ilona Tasuiev, a young scientist and employee of the powerful Avalon conglomerate, is kidnapped for reasons unknown, while an nspector leads the search.

View the full screen trailer here.

July 04, 2006

{Ron Sexsmith - Time Being}


I've posted about this album before (read and listen to more here), but now I've finally gotten my grubby paws on my very own copy of Time Being and it doesn't disappoint. What's most interesting is that Ron Sexsmith shows more range in his songwriting than ever before. Typically his songs share a common theme such as hope or optimism, but on Time Being he writes from a wider range of emotions. Now I'm not saying this album doesn't have it's fair share of sentimental or heartfelt songs, but simply that there are also some tracks in the slightly cynical vein. I was a bit hard pressed to choose a song to share, so thought I'd share an uplifting yet bittersweet tune:

"Hands of Time"

Order Time Being here

July 03, 2006

{4th of July}


All you need to know is: there's a live performance by The Blood Arm, Gods Girls (dancing naked?), and FREE SVEDKA VODKA from 10-11PM!!!

For more info go here.



Fan-boys have something else to be excited about (or dissapointed, I can never tell). There's now a teaser trailer online for the live action film directed by Michael Bay, which is based on the animated movie from the 80s.

View the teaser trailer here.

{Thom Yorke Interview}

He hints at doing some solo performances!



A journey into the world of Will Shortz, the crossword puzzle editor at The New York Times. Known to millions as National Public Radio's "Puzzle Master," Shortz has spent his entire lifetime studying, creating, and editing puzzles, and has built a huge following along the way. Meet Shortz's diehard fans-including President Bill Clinton, Senator Bob Dole, The Daily Show's Jon Stewart, filmmaker Ken Burns, the Indigo Girls, and Yankee's pitcher Mike Mussina--and discover why over 50 million Americans do crosswords every week. Wordplay is currently playing in select theaters.

View the trailer here.

{Chocolate Swim EP}


You gotta love Adult Swim, not only do they have funny shows but now they offer you albums free for download. The Chocolate Swim EP features:

Kovas - "Up In Here"
Lady Sovereign - "Hoodie" (Spank Rock Remix)
Ghislain Poirier - "Mic Diplomat" F-DJ Collage
Mos Def & Diverse - "Wylin' Out" (Kut Masta Kurt Remix)
Diverse - "Ain't Right" (DJ Mitsu Remix)
Vast Aire Feat. MF Doom - "Super Friends" (Edan Remix)

Download the entire EP or individually here.

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