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{The Mountain Goats - "No Children"}


I was reminded over the weekend of how much I love John Darnielle's "No Children" track when I heard a bootleg version of his San Diego audience enthusiastically singing it (due to the fact that he's been performing despite feeling ill). In my opinion, it is one of the most brilliant songs ever written. Outrageously bitter yet executed with such bouncy cheerfullness, it is a brilliant study in contrast. In fact the album Tallahassee in it's entirety is a stellar look at love, despair and resignation. Darnielle's gift has always been his ability to tell a story through song and Tallahasse is filled with vignettes of a married couple and their slow and drunken descent into marital hell. The great thing about this album is that their love for each other still shines through despite all the misery they chose to endure and in turn dish out. It is simply an album that you have to listen to at least once...

"No Children"

"No Children (Live)" (Courtesy of Largehearted Boy)

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One of the most brilliant songs ever is right! "Old College Try" is my favorite track off this album though, but "No Children" isn't far behind.

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