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{Possible Side Effects}


This is a collection of often hilarious essays by Augusten Burroughs (author of Running with Scissors and Magical Thinking). Possible Side Effects finds Burroughs dealing with issues like: alcoholism, a Nicorette habit, compulsive Web surfing, social isolation, and being unfit for employment. Much like David Sedaris, he manages to come off as warm, bitchy, and self-deprecating all in the same breathe. Burroughs keen sense of comic sensibility on everyday humiliations make this is a perfect light summer read.

Listen to 37 minutes of the audio book FOR FREE! Just go to iTunes podcast category and search 'audible audio book excerpts', and listen (and laugh) for yourself...trust me you won't regret it.

Purchase the book here.


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Read the interview he did for Suicide GIrls - Its pretty ok.

I cant read anything on that site...theres too many boobs.

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