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{Lost Figures}


McFarlane Toys has officially announced they will be making Lost figures. McFarlane Toys plans for the first series to include: Sawyer, Jin, Walt (with Vincent his dog), Michael, Boone, Libby, Ana Lucia, and Ethan. Each figure will include a "prop replica" relevant to their personal story, such as: Kate and her toy plane, Hurley and his lotto ticket, and Charlie and his "Drive Shaft" ring. They will also be releasing Lost deluxe boxed sets re-creating key moments between multiple characters, and small-scale dioramas, replicating central locations such as the mysterious island and the infamous hatch.

What, no Ecko or Sayid? That's just crazy. Read more here.


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Jesus. they are turning normal people into nerds!!!

Yeah! Normal people into nerds woo hoo!

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