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{Put The Book Back On The Shelf}


Last March Belle & Sebastian released their latest album The Life Pursuit and a week earlier Image Comics released Put The Book Back On The Shelf: A Belle & Sebastian Anthology. It's 144 page, full color collection of stories inspired by the groups songs, over the course of their whole career. The stories range from a short amount of pictures that explain a simple concept, while others stories convey complex ideas inspired by the mellow indie pop sounds. Definitely, listen to the music as you read along, it sets the tone perfectly. On all fronts, this is much more than a cross-marketing idea. I can't wait for Image to do something like this again. Creative writers and talented artists collaborating to deliver something new and imaginative like this is exactly the kind of thing that attracts people that normally don't end up in the comic shop in and end up validating the industry a little more.

Purchase Put The Book Back On The Shelf here.


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fern i want to borrow this ok?

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