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{The Lost Experience}


Here are some steps to help you navigate your way around the complete online Lost experience...

First off, go to the Hanso Foundation site and sign on for the newsletter...the password is 'breaking strain'. Then, send Joop a message. Do so and circular images appear, click on them until a clue appears...use your cursor while viewing the clue, it will allow you to move around the document when you are trying to read the text.

Okay enough of that, go back to the Hanso Foundation site, the clock will change to OB:EY, and you are taken to the sublymonal site, the title bar of the web page says "subLYMONal". I think that the caps "LYMON" is going to be very important, as it was even mentioned in option 3 when you call the phone number (from the fake commercial that aired). The rap that the girl does says something about blending lemon and lime to create lymon. Possibly something to look into, but we'll tackle that another time.


Not seen the OB:EY thing yet at Hanso? Well, you can simply skip this step by going straight to the Sublymonal site

Once there, you will see six bright lights in a glowing hexagon. Click on your cursor 4 times (you know, the Lost numbers...4 8 15 16 23 42) on the first image. The light will glow green and all the lights rotate. Then click your cursor 8 times to unlock the next image...and so forth. When all the lights have been turned green the lights all shrink into a tiny hexagon which rotates as the LOST logo is played. Then a green glowing TV appears with green waves on it like on an oscilloscope. Then the words code: and Heir Apparent appear separately at regular intervals. The text below the TV reads: Sublymonal message unlocked

If you continue to click around the screen you will be directed back to the Hanso website (or you can just go back there yourself), under the 'executive bios' section. Click on 'Dr Thomas Mittelwerk' a little textfield will appear in the middle of the text. Type in "heir apparent" and press enter and you will get a video clue. *When an image appears, use your cursor to click around.

*Note that you have to enter "breaking strain" as the password on signing up for the newsletter before going to the Dr. with the 'heir apparent' code.

Checkout the Lost Experience as more clues will undoubdtedly be surfacing.

Also, checkout this note-for-note decoded blast door image

Did you miss last nights episode or do you simply wish to watch it again, then go here

Why not watch that Dharma Initiative Pearl Orientation Video once more...


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