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Movies to video games have always been something to laugh about most of the time. It use to be that they were thrown together for payola reasons and came together with bad storylines and gameplay. There are always exceptions, but it use to be rare for them to be worth the time.

Now with the recent attempts by people like the Wachowski Brothers to fix this problem things are looking up and although when this topic comes up I cross fingers and think how fun it will be to play Vic in Quentin Tarantino's "The Vega Brothers" I know that videogame is only in my dreams. But not to worry. The only reason why I dream about that is because John Woo has already stepped up to the plate and he just might bat 1000.

Acclaimed director John Woo talks with the E3 Insider about his next-generation videogame, Stranglehold, which was on display at last weeks E3 Expo. The game stars Chow Yun-Fat and is a sequel to his cult classic film Hard Boiled.

Here's an excerpt from the interview...

E3: Why did you decide to get involved in videogames?

Woo: I went to E3 several years ago and saw my action style imitated in a lot of other games, and they were not even well done. I thought I should protect my trademark and produce my own videogames. I can bring stronger characters and better storytelling to the games. I want the game player to feel like they are watching a movie, except that they are in the director's seat.

E3: What were your goals with Stranglehold?

Woo: With Stranglehold, I wanted to go back to my roots and do a gritty, emotional, and sensational game. It's kind of like my Hong Kong movie Hard Boiled, but in a more updated environment. I never believed I could have topped my action in that film, but Stranglehold will bring the action to an even higher level.

E3: Will there be a Stranglehold movie?

Woo: I definitely want to do a Stranglehold movie. Toys and graphic novels would follow immediately.

E3: Why are Hollywood directors getting involved in games?

Woo: I heard there are other directors who want to develop movies and games at the same time. Stranglehold is a first for me and I definitely want to do more.


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