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{X-Men: The Official Game}


The always funny Alan Cummings did a quick interview with Gamespy.com explaining why the character Nightcrawler (which he played in X2) isn't going to appear in the new X-MEN movie (The Last stand). It's sad turn of events, but he does get to be in the video game (X-Men:The Official Game) which is set up as the prequel to the movie coming out May 26. The game comes out a week before the movie on Xbox 360 and I'm sure I would play if I had one.

Here is a quote from the interview...

GameSpy: If you had his teleportation power, where would you
teleport... besides work when you're late?

Alan Cumming: I'd teleport to your office and whack you for asking such
dopey questions. Read the rest of the interview here.

Checkout trailers for the movie and video game here.


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I miss the old X-Men cartoons, but most of all I miss Bishop, he's a bad mutha...

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