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{John Waters - Change of Life}


The “Sultan of Sleaze” John Waters made his way to a place that needs as much of his brand of subversion as it can get. Change of Life, Waters first major museum exhibit on view at the Orange County Museum of Art is full of all the vulgarity, display of American hypocrisy and subculture loving you’ve come to expect from John Waters. Turning a still camera on the television screen, the eclectic exhibit is a kind of cinematic moments as found objects, with and without embellishments. Exposing the obsessions of our society, while still managing to love it, the majority of the exhibit displays panels of stills according to theme or movie. My favorites are the string of cinematic vomit sequences and “twelve assholes and a dirty foot” across which in my catalogue book he wrote his favorite word, “antidisestablishmentarism." Also on view is a life size diorama of his working space, kitch objects, and sculptures, including a Divine inspired Jackie O doll holding a gun and JFK in a Marilyn Monroe dress. After all the free drink vouchers I got at the opening, meeting and gushing over Tracy Ullman, and the museum director trying to bum 2 cigarettes off me (he only got one) the exhibit itself might have burned less bright in my memory. But it was John Waters after all, and nothing could overshadow the legend and wonder of the only man who can pull off a pencil mustache with the same panaché and tongue-in-cheek mockery that he brings to everything he does.


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